Neighbourhood Ramblings

May 19, 2009

I find that it takes me until the second year of a particular season (summer/winter) to really start getting into a new place.  I guess this is what comes with moving around a lot.  My second winter in Calgary, my second spring (although this one feels more like a continuation of winter) soon my second summer.  The first year you spend discovering the bare necessities, how to get from here to there, where to find what you need.  The second year you branch out from what you know, discover different ways to get to the same place, get recommendations for better ways, learn about whole new places to go.   This weekend I discovered that right next to my neighbourhood, there is the most delightful coulee (ravine to us easterners) with hiking/biking trails, a pretty little stream, and many nooks and crannies.  I’ve walked on the paved bike path above it, but had never ventured down into it before!

12 Mile Coulee

And almost outside my front door, its about a five minute walk to get to the top, and another few minutes to climb down into the coulee.  Sunday was beautifully hot down in there, but by 7 pm a cool wind blew in, and we all woke up to freezing snow and rain for an icky Holiday Monday.  Good thing I stayed in all day and painted (contrary to popular opinion, I did paint more than myself, I got the primer on my bedroom as well).  All the new leaves the trees are finally starting to grow:

New Leaves

All the spring birds, new flowers, there had to be frost damage yesterday!  I pulled my flower planters into the garage, I think everything is safe.  The last time it snowed all the little meadow flowers died, then regrew, I hope they are still there:

Meadow Flowers

I also hope they are not an invasive species that I’m supposed to hate and pull up, cause they are so pretty!  Spring still seems to have not started yet…


6 Responses to “Neighbourhood Ramblings”

  1. Sandi (evilknittingtwin) said

    Yes it does take a little while to get the ups and downs in our weather. I can’t remember where you moved here from……if I ever did know. But remember……it’s the only place on earth that i know of where it can be +20C one day and -15C the next. What keeps me sane is looking to the west and seeing those beautifull mountains. No matter how crappy the weather they are there in the distance reminding us of the greatness there is……just on our doorstep!

  2. Anne said

    I find that second year’s a charm to be true as well. First year is really just about subsistance. I’m glad you found such a beautiful place to enjoy!

  3. sayingthings said

    Wow, the neighborhood looks really nice — glad you’re getting to explore it. I’m re-reading “Crossing Open Ground” by Barry Lopez right now. It deals with the sense of place (amongst other things). Maybe you’d like?

  4. Cheryl S. said

    What a nice little area you found! And those flowers are delightful.

  5. Billy said

    Agree with you on the second year statement. It happened exactly the same way for me here in Buenos Aires, and, really, the third year is even better. 🙂

    Do you paint too? Like your dad? Do post some pictures! 🙂

  6. Jewel said

    Wow your second year came fast! I love the new little place you found and the flowers are lovely.

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