Wednesday Work in Progress, and Snippets

May 27, 2009

I always hope it won’t be another angst Wednesday, and then it always is.  Therefore one must put off starting to work by blogging, much preferable!!  This week I’m working on a sweater, a charity project (to be shown a bit later in the week), an almost finished Cleite (so close to the end, can’t stop working on it!), and a fishnet stocking:

Foot of first fishnet stocking

It doesn’t look like much does it?  In fact it looks downright strange.  It is my first provisional cast-on toe, and the heel is done in the same manner, which to me is rather weird and unheel like in shape, but I’m trusting in the pattern.  In the pattern we trust so to speak.  The mesh part of the foot is interesting, and goes quickly, but the problem is whether the pattern measurements are stretched or unstretched, and for how big a foot they actually are for!  I’ve resorted to taking the thing off the needles on a piece of scrap yarn a few times to try it on.  I know that the lace will stretch open on blocking, and superwash always stretches as well.  That means the tight fit of the stocking now is actually good, it will be a comfy fit once washed.  But for now it still looks weird! 


I’m going to be picking on poor Saskatchewan for the summer, as we’re doing a lot of work in that province, and I’m going there again in June, once or twice at least.  Its also a rather interesting place, almost like Wyoming, a law unto itself.  Examples of town names: Village of Love, Peepeekisskiss, and my favorite: Penser.  (A verb, to think in French).  That sounds like a great place to go meditate and figure stuff out.  My favorite slogans:

Craik: The friendliest place built by a dam.  (Okay, if it wasn’t built by a dam, would it still be friendly?  Are other places built by dams less friendly?  How do they know?)

And one I learned yesterday from Mrs J.: Biggar SK:  Texas may be big, but we’re Biggar!


2 Responses to “Wednesday Work in Progress, and Snippets”

  1. Mom said

    Penser – v. to think.
    I have friends who used to live in Sask, now in Alta. The town she grew up in had the motto “Rapeseed Capital Of The World”, this has since been changed.

  2. Susanne said

    Actually the slogan “New York is big, but this is Biggar” is on a sign as you drive in to Biggar, Sk.

    Great stuff!

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