Let the Weekend Begin…

May 29, 2009

Its glorious outside, 27 oC or 80 oF.  Winter seems so far away like it never really existed.  My boss isn’t here, the President has gone home early, the rest of us might just drift off slowly into the sunshine here very soon.  Mr. J has team building at a local pub with his co-workers to attend!  Summer in Calgary seems like a frenzy of activity as everyone thaws from the winter and tries to cram 6 months of summer activities into two months. 

I received another shipment of shopping bags from my Mum who will hereafter be known as “The Crocheting Machine”!.  Look at all of them!

Bags guarded by attack cat!

Piper is guarding them very well here, but don’t worry, they will all be for sale on June 6th.  Except for one of the multi-candy colour ones, I think that one has my name on it.  But not to worry, I intend to buy it and put the money into the MSRide charity pot.  We’ve been getting some excellent donations for the yard sale, I hope we can raise a lot of money.  I found a sparkly yarn at the bottom of my rubber maid bin, which I bought years and years ago for something or other.  I decided to try an Indian cross stitch on it and see what happened:

Indian Cross Scarf

I guess its not uninteresting, I can’t decide if its too busy or not, all that crossing and uncrossing.  Probably some double crossing as well.  I hope someone buys it, or else it will go into the Xmas gift pile.  Be afraid, be very afraid of the sparkly yarn!!

Unfortunately the cross scarf didn’t get much attention this week as I was obsessed with how small the ball of yarn at the end of Cleite was getting.  Smaller, smaller, lighter, lighter, almost there!  Last night, unable to stop, I bound half of it off, and ran out of yarn.  Good thing I happen to know where an identical ball of yarn is residing, which is lucky as these are custom dyed one of a kind types of things.  I’m having coffee with that ball of yarn, and its lovely owner on Sunday for the final half of the highly exciting bind-off! 

I”m off to enjoy the sunshine, hope its shining down on you as well!


4 Responses to “Let the Weekend Begin…”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Eeeek! Sparkly yarn! Run away!

  2. sayingthings said

    The pattern texture is so large that I think the sparkly yarn is all right.

    BTW, I’ve seen a really good use of novelty yarn in a shop sample. A scarf was knitted with smooth (regular) yarn in an allover mesh pattern and various novelty yarns were woven through the mesh from end to end. Looked pretty cool.

  3. I don’t think it’s so bad…the ones I tried making were much, much worse. During the apex of the novelty yarn scarf craze, everyone else’s were cute, but whenever I tried one, it looked awful and stupid.

  4. Anne said

    Wow – Go your mum!

    Can’t wait to see a finished Cleite. I lurves that pattern!!

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