F. Dot. O. Cleite Baby!

June 3, 2009

Can I tell you how much I love my new Cleite triangular shawl, my first triangular shawl?


I love it more than dark chocolate with fruit and nuts, more than chocolate with hazelnuts, or mint chocolate chip ice cream.  With yarn skillfully dyed by Impulse of Delight, and a beautiful, beautiful, pattern from Miriam, the two went together to make magic! 

Close photo of Cleite

Modeled shots to follow hopefully on the weekend.  After all, I have already bought a dress to match the shawl, to wear to the ballet, opera, symphony, or wherever else I need to look fabulous!


5 Responses to “F. Dot. O. Cleite Baby!”

  1. Just lovely, Anne! Can’t wait to see the dress! You are FABULOUS!

  2. Anne said

    It’s stunning… just… stunning. What a beautiful combination of yarn and pattern. Lovely!

  3. sayingthings said

    That is a really nice shawl.

  4. margene said

    LOVE IT! Cleite is my next shawl. It looks like it was totally fun to knit! The yarn is exceptional!

  5. Sunnyknitter said

    That’s gorgeous! I love the pattern and the yarn just goes perfectly with it. Looking forward to seeing it modeled.

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