Snow, Hail, Rain and Sleet…

June 8, 2009

Cancelled our yard sale this weekend.  We woke up to snow falling gently down onto a city really pissed off at having to cancel their entire weekend, softly blanketing our houses, flowers, and other things we didn’t want to freeze.  Fireplaces were switched on, marathon mini-series were watched inside as outside it proceeded to either hail, rain, snow or sleet all day long.  All day.  Sunday was cold and windy, therefore all hopes of having a charity yard sale were abandoned to next Saturday which so far looks like it will be warmer.  I’m really disappointed, but I hope we do well next weekend.  We have until the end of the month to get the funds into the MS Association, and therefore plenty of time to raise as much as we can.  We have tons and tons of donations which is wonderful, my whole garage is full of really cool items to sell. 

Snow in June

With all our plans out the window we put in some good couch time, and I even got busy organizing the next few knitting projects.  I’m going to be traveling the next week and a half, so I need stuff ready to go.  We got a good photo of my wonderful ball winding technique, helped along by Piper who insisted on being attached to me in some way all weekend long.  I think all the boxes of donated items have been weirding her out.  If I wasn’t providing her a lap to sit on, she was demanding that my lap become horizontal for her, rather loudly.  She did a lot of glaring and dirty looks this weekend, poor kitty.  Don’t anyone tell her the lap is actually going away for 1.5 weeks, she could lose it completely.

Winding Yarn with Piper

As for my extremely fashionable get-up there, give me a break, its the weekend and it was snowing!  I’m winding some pretty pink alpaca lace for a new shawl!


7 Responses to “Snow, Hail, Rain and Sleet…”

  1. Teri said

    Oh – nice socks!

  2. Jewel said

    We also turned on our fireplace, it was so cold!!!

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Yikes! Hope next weekend is much nicer for you!

  4. margene said

    You win…your weather was much worse than ours. Hope you’re heading out to some place warm!

  5. sayingthings said

    That’s how I wind, too. I’d sure like a swift! I don’t mind going without a ballwinder, though. I like that part, sorta.

    I thought of your sale on Saturday, wondered if it went off. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t. It doesn’t seem like non-forest fires should be raging in June.

  6. Anne said

    Bummer that you had to reschedule your sale. 😦 Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend!

  7. Ken Coy said

    By chance in Google Images you’re out of focus church shot cropped up – what a beauty! In fact I think your photos are extremely evocative and have an ethereal, calming purity to them. I’m a million miles away in Devon, England – with no snow! Lovely site.

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