MSRide and Charity Sale

June 16, 2009

Or in the sub-title: one busy weekend!  We had wonderful weather for the garage sale, and really good traffic flow due to the huge neighbourhood garage sale that was going on.  Over 175 homes participated!  We sold a tonne of stuff, but didn’t have much luck with the higher priced items.  Overall Mr. J and I raised $650 to donate to the MS Society, $341 of which was from the sale. 


Sunday was just as nice, and we had a great ride.  There were people participating on all types of bikes, of all ages, and of all sizes.  The lady who most impressed me was a Mum with a two month old baby, at each rest stop her Grandma would bring her over to breastfeed!  Now that is dedication on the part of her Mum! 

Anne and Julian at MS Ride

Next year Mr. J is looking forward to riding both days, which I think is a capital idea! 

I’m down here in San Diego now, and enjoying the Water Treatment Conference.  For me this is such a great chance to see so many old friends and co-workers, and make some new contacts.  I love catching up on all the gossip, and finding out how everyone is doing. I am however finished my socializing after a busy night last night, and tonight I’m taking myself over to Little Italy for a nice quiet meal.  Last night’s socializing involved a reception on a boat in the maritime museum, and a tour of a Russian sub (adroitly handled by me in my dress, somehow I managed to fit through the tiny hatches without revealing any secrets to the guys).  Photos tomorrow!!!  Now….food!

Also a note: The Western Canada Oddball Blanket Society is having an online auction to raise money to become an official charity by selling some items.  Check it out here!  The Thorpe hat made by me is made with Manos del Uruguay, and is slightly felted to be super warm.  The little baby hat is made with superwash wool.  Just don’t bid on anything I”ve got my eye on!!!


2 Responses to “MSRide and Charity Sale”

  1. Anne said

    Congrats – a very nice donation to a great cause! AND you got a bike ride in to boot. 🙂

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Congratulations on the ride and donation. (And it’s nice to see people in sunshine, and wearing shorts!) Have a great time in SD!

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