Olds Fibre Fair Stash Enhancement

June 29, 2009

The Olds Fibre Week that is, which even though the Vendor area is in the maintenance area for the College, and the decor is sadly lacking in ambiance, the vendors came through for those of us just up for a few hours to shop.  (Aside: once again the weekend weather was lovely, and the grounds are gorgeous, why oh why does someone not rent these people tents to get them out of the machine shop???) All the vendors has wonderful items on offer, but I spent all my money in two places, which is a tad predictable for me.  I also got to see just how big my shopping bag could stretch:

Bag full of Olds Yarn

Erynn from Twist of Fate traveled out from Kamloops bringing lotsa goodies.  Her booth was Extremely Lovely, she brought so much nice stuff.  I managed to get the two presents taken care of early, picked up a beginners spindle kit with fibre, and a Sabine shrug kit:

Sabine Shrug

The yarn is already wound into two balls, ready to go, I’m very excited about this! 

The next rave is about the Wild Geese booth.  The lady who runs Wild Geese was unfortunately at a class while I was there, but her fill in was very helpful.  Working closely with the processing mill in Biggar SK, they have been developing some really interesting yarn.  The first item I picked out was a laceweight: it is a black fibre spun with green fibre.  You can barely see the green, but I think you will see it more once it is knit up:

Black laceweight, wild geese

Can you see just the hint of green fibre peeking out?  Also on display were black/blue and black/purple.  Second up in irresistible treats was some of her worsted weight, I bought a sweaters worth:

WG Sweater yarn pile

I’m thinking an EPS with the pink yoke detail, with some lace thrown into the yoke as well, as I love the fit that that gives across my shoulders.  The beauty of this yarn is the different fibres that go into its construction.  I had to take it outside into the natural light to truly see all the nuances.  Natural grey fibre, with small quantities of blue and pink fibre thrown into the mix:

Close up WG sweater yarn

There seems to be a beautiful relationship going on between the local fibre producers, yarn designers, and fibre mills in this area of the country, and I’m loving it all.  Is it any wonder I was so excited to head up to this show to see what was on display?  I was so impressed by what I walked away with, and by all that I sadly had to leave behind.  Each one of us shoppers displayed great restraint and discipline in that cold, echoing maintenance shop, and I’m proud of us all!


4 Responses to “Olds Fibre Fair Stash Enhancement”

  1. Katherine said

    Spindle kit?

    Nice bag. That’s cool to see it all stretched out.

  2. Anne said

    How pretty! I am particularly enamored of the laceweight – can’t wait to see what you make with that!

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Lovely! The grey and pink are a great combo.

  4. Julie said

    What a cool bag and all that yarn is beautiful!

    By the way I have moved from yoknit to homespunfiber.blogspot.com

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