FO: Raha scarf in 100% Qiviut

July 2, 2009

This took a few months to finish up, mostly as I didn’t work on it.  A good solid week in San Diego took care of that however!  I made 13 repeats of the lace pattern, and the length is perfect for a good office/spring/fall scarf.  The lightness, softness, and warmth of qiviut are unmatched!

Qiviut Raha finished

I wore this with my summer dress in the office today as the air conditioning was on full blast, which made for a chilly morning.  The natural brown coordinates with many outfits, and is a lovely soft colour.  The pattern is from Lace Knitting of Estonia by Nancy Busy, the yarn is from Cottage Crafts Angora in Quebec, I used one ball of yarn. 

Well, its official: Mr. J and I are shacked up, living in sin, etc.  We’re on Day 2, and so far no one has killed the other yet, in fact I think we’re both enjoying it.  It will be much better once he’s all moved in, and the boxes get out of the garage.  Tuesday was all about moving vans, so yesterday, Canada Day, was very low key for us.  We worked around the house, took it easy, and worked on getting things settled, and stuff put away.  It was also Mr. J’s birthday, so I bought him beer, and made him dinner.  Men can be so easy to please at times!  He already learned a very important family rule (this one goes way back, way before my time in my family) “When ya take a cold beer outta da fridge, youse put a new one in”. 

I hope all my Canadian friends had a great Canada Day, and to all of you south of the border, Happy July 4th!


10 Responses to “FO: Raha scarf in 100% Qiviut”

  1. Terra said

    Congrats on shacking up! May patience and peace be with you both!

  2. Jeanne said

    Great scarf – I never thought of using that pattern with quivuit….so nice!

    Congrats on shacking up!

  3. margene said

    Congratulations! Here’s to happiness together forever.
    The scarf is gorgeous and must feel heavenly.

  4. Anne said

    Beautiful scarf. It looks perfect for chilly AC wear.

    And congrats! 🙂

  5. Billy said

    Just read lots of older posts and congrats are in order! FO´s, ball winding techniques, money raising abilities and moving in together, of course!

    I wish you all the best!

  6. sayingthings said

    Hey, congratulations and good luck. I imagine things will be just fine once and hopefully the adjustment won’t take too long.
    -Katherine, a successful shacker-upper

  7. Heather Joins The Round said

    Congratulations, Anne and Mr J! Long and happy life together!

    It was great seeing you both last weekend–thanks for making the trip up, especially during such a busy week! And thanks again for the butter tarts, bag, and yarn!!!

  8. Julie said

    Your scarf is sooo pretty! I know what you mean about the office air, I run a heater all day long.

    Happy Birthday Mr. J and happy Canada Day!!!!

  9. Cheryl S. said

    Congratulations! And pretty scarf, too.

  10. Mary said

    Congratulations! All the best to you and Mr. J.

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