Yet More Justification….and a Supermodel

July 16, 2009

Last month at Olds I bought yarn for a shrug, a sweater, something lacy, and a spinning kit.  This week I finished the shrug, which TOTALLY justifies the other purchases!

Sabine Shrug

The Sabine Shrug designed by Perl Grey uses the Fleece Artist Goldilocks, one skein.  There is a bit of pooling on the sleeves, but most of it has worked out okay.  I put the thumb holes in, I like that design feature on cold mornings.  I decided I liked the wrong side best, and sewed it up that way.  This morning I wore it over my black dress to the office, it was just enough to combat the morning chill, and the air conditioning in the office.  I had a great time yesterday pulled over at the side of the road in a field of flowers (canola or mustard, I’m not sure?) pretending that I’m a supermodel:

Supermodel Anne in Shrug

I crack myself up, but I do like my new shrug!  (Only one car drove by, so it was a fairly private “shoot”)


6 Responses to “Yet More Justification….and a Supermodel”

  1. Teri said

    Total super model! I’m wearing a shrug today for that exact same reason – morning chill and office a/c.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Anne? Is that you? I thought some hot new supermodel had invaded your blog. That last shot reminds me of some old movies where they’d film from that angle to get dramatic shots.

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    What does it look like with the black dress?

    I am excited about the sweater since you described the yarn.

  4. Julie said

    Your looking pretty good in that shug! Maybe you should try supermodeling!!! Is supermodeling a word????

  5. Sunnyknitter said

    I’d send your pictures to Rowan, but I think you have to work on looking sulkier! I’m wanting to make a shrug for that reason too. It’s supposed to be 116 here today and some offices you go into have the a/c at 72. BRRRR!

  6. margene said

    Perfect to ward off the chill of a draft, the cold caress that goes over your shoulders and across your neck. It’s very attractive, too!

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