Adventure Week:Day 1

July 20, 2009

Building up to the ultimate adventure this weekend: 24 Hours of Adrenaline Mountain Bike Race in Canmore.  I’m very excited about this race, at most I’ll do two laps, and since I did it last year I know I can do it this year!  I really hope it doesn’t rain again, even though taking photos of racers covered head to toe in mud was fun.  The rest of the time I get to hangout with 1400 other racers, my 9 teammates and have a blast.   As we are on a “corporate” team of ten, this means that at minimun there is ten hours of rest between laps, plenty of time to nap and enjoy.  Other teams are 5 people, two people, and soloists who ride for 24 crazy hours straight, noon to noon. 

Catching everyone up on past adventures: the last weekend of Stampede we got invited to a party at a really fancy house opposite the Stampede Chuckwagon Grandstand:

Chuckwagon races

What a great view, we even got to see the chuckwagons race around the backstretch.  But the best part was the fireworks show: we were practically in it!  They set the fireworks off all around the grandstand and track, some of the big ones went up in front of us.  I will always, until I die, love fireworks, even the smell of them. 

Stampede Fireworks

During Stampede they have a huge show every single night, we could hear them from my house way over on the West side of town.  I miss my pigtails, and seeing all the wannabee cowboys, but things are settling back down to normal in Calgary now.  We even had a summer this weekend, with the weather finally turning hot!  I loved it.  More adventures all week!


2 Responses to “Adventure Week:Day 1”

  1. Anne said

    Good luck with the race! I know for sure you are going to do great!!

  2. Julie said

    I really admire you and your bike! Good luck with the race!

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