Looking Ahead to Fall

July 29, 2009

I do realize that even though July is almost over, and August is yet to be enjoyed, and September can be rather nice around these parts, I am already looking forward to the fall crop of knitting magazines.  Tis the season for the new cosy fall sweater, hats, scarves, mitts, etc to be oohed and awwed over.  Once again I have plans to make tons and tons of Christmas gifts, and make about 20 sweaters, hats, etc. etc. etc. 

I also love to chit chat about the new magazines, the great new designs, and what everyone loves this year!  So far the only sweater that makes me want to order yarn RIGHT NOW is the Farmer’s Market Cardigan in http://www.interweaveknits.com .  This is surprising as its been well over a year that I’ve liked any of the Interweave sweater designs, or wanted to make any of them.  However Connie C. C. continues to be an outstanding designer. 

And Vogue Knitting (www.vogueknitting.com) has declared that this is the fall for hats, and I’m all over that.  I think I have yarn stashed away to make about half of the hats in this years issue.  I’m not loving the Koi or Cityscape hat, but I do love the other textured ones.  I am currently planning to make everyone I know a hat, so you are all warned.  I also figure I need another 10 or so hats to round out my fall/winter wardrobe.  Now you may think this is going a bit overboard, but a number of my toques walk away with friends when they come to visit, so having a good supply on hand is just smart.  Here in Calgary we also need four different types of hats: Plus zero degrees, -5 degrees, -10–15 degrees, and below -20 degrees.  And that my friends, is a lot of hats.  Not to mention corresponding mitts, gloves, scarves, and cowls.  I have a lot of work to do if I’m going to survive the upcoming winter, and I’m starting to get worried. 

By the by, I was nominated on the weekend to be a member of a friends “In case of Disaster” team.  My skills were deemed to be providing clean drinking water, and keeping everyone warm for double duty.  That made me feel very warm and rosy inside to be so gosh darned useful!

In other chit chat, I’m going to buy the Brooklyn Tweed booklet from Elann yarns as soon as possible!  Absolutely everything is beautiful in this book, and I intend to make a few things from it.  I may also just cut it up and hang the photos around my knitting room, they are that beautiful.

What’s on your drool list?


5 Responses to “Looking Ahead to Fall”

  1. sayingthings said

    I like the looks of the fall IK, too, though I am most attracted to the French Braid Pullover, Slanting Gretal Tee, and Scoop Pullover as far as the sweaters — those last two aren’t exactly bitter winter material. I like one of the hats and I like the socks a LOT. I am knitting socks right now, for the first time in two years, so maybe my sock love is returning. We’ll see — they’re highly textured, jet black, so maybe they will drive me insane instead.

    I noticed many new-to-me designers in this issue of IK.

  2. Julie said

    I am so not looking forward to winter but I do look forward to the knitting of warm sweaters. I just not a good summer knitter!

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    I really dig that sweater, but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to fit from the pictures. Does it button under the (awesome) cowl?

    • Lana said

      I agree about Interweaves designs the past year AND about the market cardigan,though I may opt for another pattern stitch on the neck and edge. I think I found a suitable yarn with Blue moons woobu if I can make gauge. Enjoyed your blog

  4. Anne said

    I liked that cardigan of Connie C.C.’s as well, plus the little swing jacket from Veronik Avery. But I have a lot of other queued projects to get thru first – no rest for the weary!

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