Biking and Tequila Don’t Mix

August 4, 2009

Unless you are the one drinking the tequila, watching the bike races that is:

Tequila and bikes

I can’t really think of a better way to spend Sunday afternoon on the long weekend in Calgary then to head down to Bowness, find a table at the one decent Mexican restaurant here, order a pitcher of margaritas, and watch the crit races fly on by.  The restaurant was doling out shots of tequila to the lucky patrons in honour of the bike races, which made me double glad that we had toodled down here on our cruiser bikes.  We definitely sloshed our way home after!  The bike races are so much fun with the whole pack of elite male racers flying by every minute!  Whooosh!  Luckily there was only one crash in the final race, and he got up again and went back to the race minus much of the right side of his uniform and a good layer of skin.  It was very exciting. 

We rode home just as it was getting dark and the storm crowds were coming in:

Storm Clouds

Those pretty clouds brought horrible gusts of wind, hail, torrential rain, and incredible amounts of lightening and thunder.  One cat huddled close by, the other crazy cat (the boy) got up on the window to see the rain, hail, and flashes of lightening better.  I was busy huddling under the covers hoping the house did not blow down, and that the fire trucks driving by would keep on going, not stopping anywhere near the neighbourhood.  Mr. J. went back to sleep.  Boys!!


3 Responses to “Biking and Tequila Don’t Mix”

  1. margene said

    Ruth had a very similar picture to your cloud picture and she’s in BC.
    Smith sleeps through everything, too. Boys, indeed.

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    I like the dramatic weather, but I also like curling up against my man’s back when things are scary. Comforting!

  3. Julie said

    What a crazy picture!

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