A Weekend Knitting in the Sun with Friends

August 10, 2009

What could be nicer?  The weather turned out lovely, Riley Park is in full bloom and full of happy families, beautiful weddings, boisterous cricket matches, and babies.  We spread our blankets, pulled out the sock yarn, food, and just enjoyed.  Erynn from Twist of Fate is either evil, extremely crafty, or a mobile LYS all wrapped into one.  She brought along a basket of her originally dyed yarn, everything from BFL, angora mix lace, camel silk lace, cashmere lace, merino bamboo sock yarn, you get the idea, it was wonderful!

Jenn digging in yarn

Jenn digs through the treasure!  After a few sets of fisticuffs, I managed to wrestle a lovely purple/black/grey BFL skein from the other ladies and have already cast on for a Baktus scarf.  Its not stash if it doesn’t see the inside of a bin!!  She dropped off another basket at Make One if anyone is interested. 

I also successfully babysat my nieces for the first extended afternoon to evening session.  There was no blood, tears, major fights, and everyone got to bed at the decreed time (those under the age of 7 that is).  Yeah!!


4 Responses to “A Weekend Knitting in the Sun with Friends”

  1. dragonsnlace said

    Lucky dog! Of course, it’s too hot to sit anywhere but next to an airconditioning vent down here.

  2. Julie said

    Sounds like a fun weekend. We had a nice and cold one here. The temps went from the 100’s down to the 70’s it was very werid. But we had a nice time at Thanksgiving Point in the gardens with five of my grandsons all under six.

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    Fun! I hope the purple/black/gray photographs well, it sounds lovely.

  4. Teri said

    I think as an aunt you’re allowed to break bedtime rules. It’s an aunt’s prerogative.

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