Wednesday WIP – Starting New Projects

August 12, 2009

It must be the change in seasons about to happen that has me getting ancy to start about a million projects.  I do realize we should have another few weeks of summer, but this morning as I put on my sweater, coat, and scarf to leave the house and lamented that I didn’t go back for my thin gloves its hard to tell.  Yesterday I dug up all my leftover yarn that can be used for little colourwork projects and loaded them into shoe boxes for easy viewing.  This was useful as I was able to figure out that I probably don’t need to buy more yarn to make the wedding mittens, I have plenty of Custom Woolen Mills in some nice colours.  Once washed and slightly felted it makes warm and soft mittens.

New Projects!  First up is the Baktus Scarf in the Twist of Fate BFL:

Baktus scarf .25 done

I really like the way the colours are working out, and the crispness of the BFL yarn.  I’m hoping to have enough to make a scarf that is long enough to be wearable, and let me crochet a bit of a border on the bottom edge for some extra pretty! 

Project 2: Flower Child by Norah Gaughon (maybe by my fifth project by her I’ll get her name spelled right!) I’m apparently communing with my inner mythic flower hippie child by knitting this sweater if the pattern description is to be believed.  I realize its a bit daft to start a summer sweater when its pretty much over, but I feel like I committed to it when I bought the yarn, and should follow through.  Which is very anti-mythic flower hippie child I guess, a bit too far on the engineer side.  So far so good, I’m working on piece #1 of 10.  They are all then seamed together neatly (good luck to me on that one).

Flower Child first panel

I’m starting on the back that has no pattern, then when I’m thoroughly bored with that I get to make the pretty front flowers.  I do love that I took a photo of my toes through the bench at the same time without realizing it.  Jack was kind enough to bite through the BFL yarn in a nanosecond before I noticed him doing it, to help with tangling I guess.  He’s so helpful that varmit.  Nice colour eh?


6 Responses to “Wednesday WIP – Starting New Projects”

  1. Jen said

    Hey Anne- I have the “Latvian Mittens” book if you’d like to borrow it for a while for inspiration! Let me know and I’ll bring it to lunch knitting.

  2. margene said

    Spotted the Baktus scarf right away. It’s going to be pretty. The color of your FP is you, too!!

  3. Anne said

    Pretties! I love the blue you’ve picked for your sweater (so does Jack, apparently)!

  4. Cheryl S. said

    Love how the Baktus scarf is working up in that yarn!

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    Dude, that is a big fat lot of sewing.

  6. Billy said

    Apart from the obivous compliments the knitting deserves, I loooove seeing your toes on the background! 🙂

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