FO: Tenner Toque

August 19, 2009

Tenner kissing the monkey

Kissing the monkey!  Unfortunately you can’t see the pattern on the hat clearly, but it is the #10 hat from VK Fall 2009.  First hat of many from this issue!  Can you see it better here?

Tenner toque

The yarn is a buffalo blend given away by Margeneat a long ago Salt Lake SNB, its so soft, extremely warm, and has a lovely “wet” feeling to it in the way that cotton feels “dry” to me.  The hat isn’t quite long enough to cover my ears, so it doesn’t get the below -20 oC rating, but its really warm, so warm that I had to take it off directly after our photoshoot last night.  The photo quality is poor alas, our days are getting shorter up here.  No more daylight until 11 pm, and it’s dark when the alarm goes off at 5:30 am.  We’ve got about 1 month of biking to work before it gets too dark for my comfort, so we’re trying to take advantage of the nice weather and light when we can.  This hat goes into the Christmas gift box, but I have enough of the yarn left over to make another hat of some sort!


6 Responses to “FO: Tenner Toque”

  1. Teri said

    That yarn looks ridiculously soft and warm!!

  2. Heather said

    I like it! I’ve gotta check that issue out, hats are so fun and satisfying to knit!

  3. margene said

    Oh that’s what happened to that yarn. lol
    Actually it was left over from a scarf I made for Smith’s uncle. I’m glad you enjoyed knitting with it. That hat should be very warm!

  4. Julie said

    What wonderful yarn and it made such a cute hat!

  5. Cheryl S. said

    It looks fantastic! Great pattern/yarn combo.

  6. CP said

    Cool! I love the hats in that issue!

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