WIP: Snowflake Sweater

September 2, 2009

This is the main project at the moment, even though I’ll need to put it down on the weekend to finish a baby and wedding present.  This sweater was a perfect thing to take camping, as the yarn is not so precious that you couldn’t just put in on the ground next to your chair as you jumped up to tend the fire, run to the outhouse, or look for Zombies.  Oh, and this one time when four (4) young brothers were riding their bikes around, one went over the handle bars, another fell over and started screaming, and the eldest was riding around trying to find his parents who had disappeared, and all the campers were coming out trying to a)find the parents (probably off looking for some peace and quiet (four (4) boys) b) pick the endo dude up c) soothe the other one that fell over and was screaming.  Pretty soon everyone was found, the kids were okay, and were back to tearing around.

Anne knitting by the fire

The sweater, from a Vogue Knitting Fall 1998 that I’ve apparantly wanted to make for 11 years now, also has some change ups to make it exciting.  After 10.5 inches of cabling, you get to make garter ridges in other colours, then snowflakes!  With a bobble in the middle!  It was highly exciting, as Mr. J. can attest, since he had to admire my snowflakes over and over and over again.  The yarn is Patons Classic Merino bought on sale, so no big deal if it gets a bit dirty or smells like the campfire.  The knitting is also very tight which should help with the pilling, and make for a warm sweater. 

Back of snowflake sweater done

The back is done, and one front up to starting the garter ridges, in different colours!!  Once I got back home and saw the photo in the magazine again I realized I had made a mistake, the main body pattern should be k4, P1, Cable 4, P1, K4.  It seems I cabled merrily all the way across.  Now this looks nice, and should make for a warmer sweater, but there is the outside chance that it will make the sweater too narrow, and perhaps mess up the junction between the cabled section, garter ridge etc.  As you progress from each section you are casting on and casting off multiple stitches as cables take up soo many more stitches than garter or stocking stitch.  At this point however I’m crossing my fingers that it will all turn out okay, as I’m not about to rip the whole thing out.  Also, the smallest size in the magazine is a size 40 bust, and I’m way down at 34, so I should be good with a more form fitting garmet.


2 Responses to “WIP: Snowflake Sweater”

  1. Heather Joins The Round said

    It sounds like a happy accident to me. I like it!

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