Making Wedding Mittens

September 8, 2009

A really, really, good friend of mine is getting married in October, and for their present I’m making the couple a pair of almost matching mittens.  Hers will be blue and cream, his will be green and cream.  I’m borrowing the Scandinavian custom of giving mittens for wedding presents, and since these two aren’t the type to get registered anywhere, I think this type of present is perfect.  The wedding is going to be on the French River, near Sudbury, in October, which is high autumn in Ontario, a fact which I’m very excited about.  Its been too long since I’ve been in a real Ontario fall, with the smells, the sights, it’s so beautiful!! 

My friend, who I love dearly, just became a surgeon, she passed her exams in June, she was already a Doctor for 5 years.  How cool is that, my lovely friend, who loves cutting people up, wants to do lung transplants, who once declared spine surgery “kinda boring”.  Her fiance is another wonderful Doctor who is a leading kidney and liver transplant surgeon, who also makes my friend dinner, and tidies the house when she spent the last five years basically living at the hospital.  When someone steps up and looks after your friend when she needs it, even though he has a demanding schedule, that guy is a good guy. 

I’m using a pattern from Estonian Folk Knitting from Nancy Bush, mostly because the pattern in the book has a band around the bottom that I’ve changed up.  The left mitten has “Dr. A +I”, and the right mitten will have the date of the wedding.  I was going to put their full names, but it turned out a bit too long, so I hit upon the shorter idea.  I think its kinda cute. 

Wedding Mitten full

The mitten pattern is incredible, and requires a stiff cuppa a tea and a few hours of quiet to get started.  In the first three rows I had to learn 3 new techniques.  A different cast on, a different join, then the yarn over braids with two colours.  The afterthougtht thumb was new to me, and took some pondering before the light dawned, the decreases at the top are new to me.  Whew, no wonder it took awhile to finish the first one.  Already the second one is going a big quicker!  It is fun to learn new things, even if it can be daunting, and takes a few times to practice. 

Another challenge is the sizing, with the motif on the top of the mitten which is 16 stitches wide, repeated 4 times, its extremely challenging to upsize the ladies mitts to mens sizes.  What I plan on doing is going up a needle size for the mens pair, which may also help the ease of knitting.  The needle I’m currently using is a bit small for this yarn, on the flipside I’ve got an extremely tight knit, wind proof mitten to give!  The women’s pair may also be felted down slightly to make them a slimmer fit. 

A word on this style of mitten.  I think I prefer a mitten with a tight cuff, however this open mitten could work well with my parka as it has a tight cuff which will fit inside this mitten design.  Another idea is to knit a separate cuff in ribbing, and sew that on the inside of the mitten to block wind from going up your wrist and making your hand cold.


5 Responses to “Making Wedding Mittens”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    Beautiful mitt! Very lucky friends. Hope you get a great autumn leaf show.

  2. Anne said

    What a great gift idea! They will love those!

  3. Julie said

    Oh what a wonderful wedding gift! I would have never thought about doing mittens! They are going to love them.

  4. Cheryl S. said

    It looks wonderful, and it’s a fantastic gift idea.

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    What a great present. They are very cool.

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