Transition to Fall

September 11, 2009

The transition into fall was very noticeable here, promptly on Sept 1 there was a nip in the air, and the chilly mornings were back.  The leaves are already being painted yellow in more noticeable quantities.  At knitting on Tuesday we all commented on how we still feel the need to move, or transition in the fall after so many years (half our lives or more) of starting school in the fall.  I myself have made big moves in the fall, from Boston to Salt Lake, and then to Calgary.  For many of us the fall is the time to pick up, and start anew.  This manifested in moving furniture, cleaning apartments, beginning projects, and feelings of coming awake after a drowsy summer of enjoyment. 

I’ve been in Calgary almost two years now, and feel firmly rooted here, and have no intention of moving.  However my restless feet are still twitching under me at times.  Do you know they need water engineers in Australia quite badly?  I’ve heard Kelowna could be nice to live in, people are hiring out there?  Such are my thoughts at times.  But figure skating will be starting next week, and I bought a cute little running skirt to wear, which I can’t picture running in, but will do quite nicely for a skating skirt.  I’ve been running, and doing lunges and jumps in the backyard in preparation.  Yes, pretty sure my neighbours think we are crazy, but they might as well find out now? 

Plans for the next month are abounding as well as my parents come into town, and my Aunty Ninja is already here for a little mini-reunion.  Since I have to go to a town near Regina next week, Cupar Saskatchewan, my parents are going to join me for a road trip, which should be fun.  I’m hoping I get 8 hours of knitting each way, but I may be called upon to share driving tasks with Daddio.  Local yarn store in Regina is Golden Fleece which I hear is worth visiting.

After that I’m heading over to Winnipeg for a conference, I hope to steal out one evening to visit, a famous Canadian yarn store.  I’m also going to knit a Pirate toque for a fundraiser, we’ll see how that goes over, maybe a hit, maybe a fail?  I do find that there is generally a special spot in Canadians hearts for warm toques, and since Winnipeg is so cold, perhaps someone will buy it at the Silent Auction. 

Then I’m off to Minneapolis, then to Ontario for the wedding, and that’s only just the beginning of October!  A bit too many trips, but a lot of knitting in cars and at the airport.  I hope to get a bunch of nice warm projects finished so that I can wear them!  It may just quiet my restless feet for the rest of the year however, because going on a trip is nice, but going home is much nicer!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Fall photo from the mountains above Park City, three years ago:



2 Responses to “Transition to Fall”

  1. sayingthings said

    Your aunt is a ninja?

    I’m scared of moose. Scary picture.

  2. Julie said

    The weather is surely changing here and I know how you feel I think about moving all the time. We have done it so much in the last few years. And I love new places but I think we are here to stay. I did love living above Park City but I really hated driving the canyon to get to work.
    Great picture!

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