Why Do I Keep Going to Saskatchewan?

September 14, 2009

You may think its because of the lovely vistas, or the nice people, but really its because they have extremely poor quality drinking water supplies.  Hence there are a lot of new water treatment facilities being built in that province.  Now in British Columbia there is a lot of surface water supplies of drinking water, and they tend to be fairly high quality.  For new source of drinking water in that province (like you are builidng a new subdivision or development) two filtration barriers are required, but there are many systems in operation that just chlorinate the water. 

In Alberta it is more of a mixed bag of surface water and ground/well sources of drinking water.  Still the water is fairly high quality, especially when compared to Saskatchewan water.  Saskatchewn is on what used to be (many, many years ago) a salt water ocean or sea.  Therefore the ground water is extremely high in dissolved solids, so salt, iron, manganese, and a lot of organic material.  Organic material refers to thousands of posssible things, but picture a lot of carbon in the molecules, and that it used to be part of something living.  This water is unfortunately harder to treat, and much more expensive.  But not impossible, especially not when you sell the right equipment, which is what we do!  Now couple difficult and expensive water to treat with small towns without a large tax base, and you can imagine the challenge facing some towns today.  What we’re doing is starting a “mini-plant” or what we call a pilot plant that is going to mimic the operation of a full scale water treatment facility.  This helps us prove the technology, that it does what we say it should, and allows the operators to take many water quality samples to ensure that we are making the highest quality water.  There are two parts to a water treatment plant: making high quality water, and making as much as you say you are going to, for a long period of time before the equipment needs a cleaning.  For the membrane systems, its normally the latter that we worry about, the former is usually a given unless there is a huge problem.

Tomorrow we’re off to one of these small towns, and as normal I’ll try and get in and discover something interesting and unique about the town, its history, and see a bit of its character.  Working in water plants we get to go to some small towns, which you normally wouldn’t, and meet the operators, mayors, council people, which is always a lot of fun.  Saskatchewan, here we come!


3 Responses to “Why Do I Keep Going to Saskatchewan?”

  1. Jocelyn said

    I think you should stop going to Saskatchewan. Look what I found!

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    Very cool, Anne! I really love hearing about this stuff.

  3. Julie said

    You need to come to Eagle Mountain and fix our water!

    Have a wonderful time and don’t work to hard!

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