Pirates and Elvis in Winnipeg

September 22, 2009

So here I am at the water and wastewater conference in Winnipeg, finally having a night off from the festivities.  I could have gone over to the awards ceremonies, but I’m all partied out at the moment, and instead enjoyed dinner by myself, and retired to the hotel room for a bit of needle clicking.  It’s nice to eat dinner in a restaurant with a big crowd of people, but I also enjoy finding a quiet table, ordering a glass of wine, and reading a new book (The Birthing House by Ami McKay, which is very good so far). 

The theme of this years Sunday evening festivities was “Pirates” due to Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Each conference they have a silent auction, for which I usually find something to donate.  This year I made a Pirate toque, which got bought for a bit of money, which is good.  I made it a bit big and felted it down, it will be an extremely warm hat for whomever did end up with it:

Winnipeg Pirate Toque

Last night the entertainment involved a rather nice pub night, and then a Vegas Casino party, including an Elvis impersonator.  I tell you, I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at this conference as when this guy was performing.  Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in Winnipeg, in a room full of engineers and operators, watching a bad Elvis impersonator dance around, but I guess life is weird that way.

Winnipeg Elvis

All I know is one of the raffle prizes is a Roomba, and I didn’t win, and went a way a bit bitter in the end.  However I also didn’t win the golf prizes, or the life jackets, so perhaps I didn’t do so badly in the end. 

Another goal of mine for this conference was to find a mentor to help me out, preferably female, older, and in upper management.  Looking around today at the other women I’ve come to realize something.  One is that we are few, which I guess I already knew, but another is that I’m one of the oldest women there doing what I do, and I’m still able to call myself mid-thirties.  All very interesting!

Home tomorrow, I can’t wait.  I hope to find some time soon to show you the wool I bought at Rams Wool!


5 Responses to “Pirates and Elvis in Winnipeg”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I love the hat! It’s especially cute felted. Somehow it makes those skulls look more diabolical.

  2. sayingthings said

    That is interesting that there are no older women in your field (at least at the conference). Hm. What does it mean?

    I love love that hat. I keep telling myself I will make one for myself. But really I should make one for H, since he is ALWAYS begging for pink and purple clothes. I suppose he could get away with a black and white skull hat with a little purple in it, right? Stupid gender stereotypes and the way they can lead to kids being mean. And no older women in water treatment engineering.

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    The hat rocks!

    I think it’s just sad sad sad that you’re a pioneer in your field and it’s 2009.

    I will say, in hopes that this will make you feel better, that the wee six year old girls in my kid’s class are quite as excited about science as the boys are. Let’s hope we can keep it that way!

  4. Julie said

    I have been in love with Elvis since I was a little girl and yes I have been to Graceland three times in four years. Twice in one year! Call me crazy!

    Love the hat!!!!

  5. melanie said

    Adorable hat!

    It is interesting that you are one of the oldest in your field – I think what it means is that you need to open yourself up to be a mentor when the opportunity presents itself. I’ve always wanted a mentor.

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