Cleite goes to Lake Louise

September 28, 2009

This weekend we attended a beautiful wedding in Lake Louise, what a great excuse to wear a lovely shawl!

LakeLouise 007

Cleite met a feather and fan shawl, bought by its owners mother, it was a sea foam green Kid silk haze(ish).  We enjoyed the lovely scenery, even the bit of snow that fell.  There were four weddings that day, one of which was outside!!  I hope they brought their own shawls, it was a bit nippy.  But with the beautiful cyan lake, the yellow aspens in the distance, and the moody sky, it was a day to remember for the four happy couples! 

Next weekend, Cleite attends a wedding in Ontario!!

LakeLouise 005


10 Responses to “Cleite goes to Lake Louise”

  1. Anne said

    Perfect wedding wear! And what gorgeous scenery. Can you believe we already have snow in the Sangre de Cristo mountains here in NM?

  2. Jen said

    Oh if I could only “whip up” a shawl in time for a wedding I have in Canmore next weekend- it’s perfect shawl weather right now!

    Cleite is looking lovely!

  3. margene said

    Cleite almost shows up Lake Louise. What a beautiful place!!

  4. Julie said

    I love Lake Louise! I’ve only been there once but I thought it was so beautiful. I know this might sound weird but my friends mothers ashes were spread over Lake Louise about six years ago.

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    It’s awesome, perfect for a wedding next weekend. Have a great trip, you guys!

  6. Cheryl S. said

    Beautiful shawl! I went to Lake Louise when I was a kid, probably around 8 or so. I remember two things – that it was beautiful, and that it was the 4th of July and we were throwing snowballs into it.

  7. Sunnyknitter said

    Beautiful shawl and thanks for the pictures of Louise. That’s one of my favorite places any time of year. Somehow it’s wrong that Cleite has a better social calendar than I do, but at least she always looks fabulous!

  8. sayingthings said

    Oh, very pretty, very pretty. I want to come to Canada!

    When I got married, it was also nippy, and I was wearing a strapless dress, but it was amazing how comfortable I was in a lacy cashmere wrap. I became a believer that day. The holes, they don’t matter as much as one might think!

  9. Billy said

    Cleite is a well-travelled citizen of the world! 😉

    (There´s snow and you´re wearing a shawl only? It´s with situations like this that I see that I´m so not used to cold weather! I have to stop mocking my friend from Rio when she wears a scarf with 15ºC…)

  10. Sonia K. said

    Oooh, That is beautiful, suits you perfectly, I may have to learn to knit shawls. LL looks gorgeous as always too.

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