FO: Feather and Fan Scarf

October 11, 2009

Here we are, in the middle of our Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m watching the snow fall outside, and watching the thermometer fall.  We didn’t leave the house yesterday, but had to make the trek out today for some supplies for our dinner.  Due to my cold, the weather, and how much time we’ve been away from home sweet home lately we aren’t doing any family related activity, just hermiting up and cooking at home.  On the menu is of course pumpkin pie, arabian squash casserole (Moosewood cookbook), regular and sweet scalloped potatoes, stove top stuffing, and turkey breast that I think we’ll bake.  So far this weekend I’ve knit two hats, and I think I have enough left over to make a second Couvercle, so I’m about to start that for the Christmas box.  We’re catching up on episodes of Dollhouse, Fringe, and Stargate Universe!

During the trip to Toronto I made another green feather and fan scarf with leftover yarn from the first one.  I ended up giving it to Mr. J’s grandmother, who was an avid knitter until lately (she’s 93).  I think she liked it, and hopefully it will keep her neck warm as winter approaches.  We looked at photos of her in Germany in the 1920’s cutting hay with a scythe, and raking it into piles for the horse drawn carts to take to the barn.  What a different world she lives in now.

Green scarf


5 Responses to “FO: Feather and Fan Scarf”

  1. Anne said

    How pretty! I love the colors.

    Sounds like a lovely holiday weekend!!

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    I hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend! Pumpkin pie sounds good, although it is supposed to be in the upper 60s F today here.

    I just watched Friday’s Dollhouse last night, and it fully creeped me out. What did my J think? You?

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    Sorry, “Mr. J” not “my J”! Talk about creepy!

  4. Julie said

    I love the scarf and I’m sorry you have a cold!

    Keep warm!

  5. Sharon G. said

    So pretty!!! I love the colors in the scarf!!! I am so glad that you had a great holiday (Boo about the cold!!)…Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!

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