FO: Undulating Rib Socks

October 20, 2009

I guess all the time in airports has paid off recently as I finished my undulating rib socks.  As I wandered around Denver airport (four times, two trips) I kept a sharp eye out for the Yarn Harlot, hoping to see her knitting away in a corner, enjoying some coffee, but no such luck.  As Canadians fly a lot on Air Canada/Unit, and Denver is a big hub we tend to end up there quite often, but it is a good airport so I don’t mind.  The terminals are long enough that you can get some good exercise by walking around, good bookstores, some pretty healthy food, a selection of coffee places. 

Interlocking Cable Socks

I even found some time to go to the mall and buy some shiny new shoes!  I think the dark red goes well with brown, grey, and perhaps black slacks in addition to dresses and skirts.  The pattern is Undulating Rib Socks by Ann Budd from the Favorite Sock book, and is a nice easy pattern.  The BFL from Wooly Wonka gives a nice crisp edge to the raised rib, yet retains a softness.  The colour is Desert Rocks, and is achieved using a blend of red, pink, browns, and perhaps some other colours to give a true depiction of the beautiful rocks in Southern Utah.  This is a true knitters yarn, other knitters that have seen me working on the sock have picked it up and held it up close to look at the colours.  They are amazed at how it all blends, and that there is absolutely no pooling, the dye job is downright perfect! 


Close up of Interlocking Cable Sock

As this is my first full week back in town after 5 weeks of traveling, I feel like I’m getting to do all my favorite things for the first time.  Knitting with friends again at last, getting caught up, and this morning back to skating!  The skating feels like it is starting off slow, which isn’t so atypical after not skating all summer.  Plus getting to the rink at 6:30 am, and a cold one at that makes for stiff knees, cold ears, and lots of warm up time needed.  Towards the end I was getting colder and needed a break so I took some photos of my spinning position, I was curious to see what I really looked like.  The answer: my sit spin is more like a slightly leaning over spin which must be worked on, but the camel spin is looking okay except for some weird arm position.  And in other exciting news only to me, my back spin is much better this year, actual circles are being turned on the ice!  Woohoo! 

Anne doing camel spin

So that is us on Tuesday mornings, two skaters, one coach who is now 5 months pregnant, and almost unable to put her skates on.  I have a mental note to make up a February baby jacket in the boy colour so that I’ll have a back up for the girl colour!  She’s due to have her baby during the Olympics which is exciting!


8 Responses to “FO: Undulating Rib Socks”

  1. Anne said

    I LOVE those socks – and they are perfect with your new shoes. 🙂 Spiffy!

  2. Julie said

    I’m getting ready to leave on a trip and hopping to get alot of knitting done on the plane. Love the socks and those shoes are so cute!!!!!

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Wonderful socks – and they look great with those cute shoes!

  4. Jen said

    I like the socks- the color is gorgeous, but it must be said, THOSE ARE SOME HOT SHOES LADY! It was good to see you again yesterday!

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    Great shoes!

    I love the socks as well. I must have forgotten about the pattern, if I ever noticed it. Anyway, love it!

    Olympic baby, how cute!

  6. Monica said

    As I said on Ravelry, beautiful socks! And I love the spin photo. I always love to see your skating photos as it makes me feel less lonely being an adult ballerina.

  7. melanie said

    Oh, pangs of shoe envy! The socks are great too but THE SHOES! Sigh. I have no need for shoes like that this year. Serious winter boots – yes. Lovely shoes – no.

  8. Julia said

    Hello. 🙂 You don’t know me, but I was googling ‘adult figure skater blogs’ and yours came up so I’m saying hello. I’m 27 and just started taking lessons again since I stopped around age 8 or 9. 🙂 Now besides saying how amazing I think your skating is (please post more videos!) I also wanted to comment on how CUTE those purple/red shoes are!! 😉 Where did you find them?

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