WIP Wednesday: Ruinous Blues

October 21, 2009

Once again, all my works in progress are blue!  The ruinous blues title comes from a Cousteau song I was listening to, great little band from England that I still enjoy, they are a fall band to me, and go well with cool air and colourful leaves. 

WIP #1: Snowflake Sweater: 1 sleeve down, 3/4 of a sleeve to go, and the front

Snowflake Scarf Sleeve #2

Only having this in South Dakota meant that I slogged through one sleeve, and have about 1/4 of the second one done.  If I can manage to finish this sleeve off, the last front should go very quickly as I have the snowflake section to look forward to.  I hope to finish the sleeve this week.

WIP#2: Purse Knitting: Bettie Stockings

This has been resurrected, and extra stitches added to the purl section to make it wider around the calf.  I’m going to take it off the needles and try it on again tonight, I believe I’m at the top of the lace pattern, ready to do the finishing.  I need to finish that, and do the provisional cast on for the next toe before next Tuesday so that I can work on it at the Knit Night.  The second sock should go well as I don’t have to continuously try the durn thing on.  This time of year I’m either wearing knee stockings or tights, therefore I’m eager to finish these up so that I can wear them before deep winter cold sets in.  (Then I wear BOTH tights and knee highs!)

Bettie Stockings, #1

WIP #3: A more complicated project, Ene’s Scarf

I’ve been eager to cast this on for a year and I finally did which gave me no end of joy.  The 375 stitches got cast on, and now that the first set-up row is done this is going well, if you consider 2 rows an evening well.  I can’t wait to start decreasing (only 16 more rows!  Or 8 nights!)

Beginning of Ene's Scarf

The Drops Alpaca is so soft, this is going to be such a nice scarf/shawl when it is done.  My cold neck can’t wait to meet it!


5 Responses to “WIP Wednesday: Ruinous Blues”

  1. Anne said

    Blue is always appropriate. 🙂 You are making amazing progress on your sweater! YAY!

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    You’re working on some really cute things, Anne!

  3. Sharon G. said

    Everything looks beautiful! And considering that the sky is nice and blue today, I think your color choice is a perfect match!!!

  4. Rycrafty said

    Ah yes, I know the tights AND knee-highs look. I think I want to make myself some legwarmers this year (I know. ew.) to wear under my pants for the walk in. I wear pants to work most of the time, and putting on tights under them either means I wear them all day (too hot indoors) or I have to wrestle them off in a bathroom stall. Not to mention leave my house earlier to account for bathroom-wrestling time!
    I think legwarmers are the solution.

  5. Cheryl S. said

    I’ve been wanting to do Ene’s scarf for quite a while. I’m sure yours will be gorgeous!

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