Snowy Saturday Morning

October 26, 2009

It seems a bit early to be on our second snowfall this year, but Saturday morning we had another couple of inches of fluffy snow.  It was just rain at 6:30 am, and switched to snow around 8 am.  If you are wondering how I know, its because I left the house at 6:30 am to go skating, drove across town, sat for 15 minutes being pretty sure it must have been cancelled as there were no other women in tiny skirts there, and then drove home.  I then checked my e-mail and got the cancellation notice, but in a first for me, did not go back to nap some more but made coffee and adjourned to my office to listen to pod casts and as it turns out, watch the snow fall.  Around lunch time I decided it would be a hoot to let the cats out, as there are fewer things funnier than cats in a snow storm.  Piper looked absolutely offended that she was getting wet, and could not figure out where is was coming from.  Jack stuck to the dry parts for a little bit, then in boy fashion took off through the now 3 inches of snow for some fun.

Jack Outside

He was squawking away the whole time, having a grand old time.  Eventually they both came inside, and poor Jack’s belly was loaded up with snow.  We either need less snow, or he needs longer legs.

Snowy Jack

Not to worry however, the temperature was pretty moderate outside, and afterwards we all curled up by the fireplace.  Some kitties were even treated to extra snuggles by their favorite guy:

Piper and Julian snuggling


5 Responses to “Snowy Saturday Morning”

  1. margene said

    We’re expecting snow tomorrow. I feel about as ready for it as Piper.

  2. Jen said

    If you ever worried of your cats having issues adapting to their new housemate, I feel like this pretty adequately quells that.

    That is one happy looking kitty.

  3. Anne said

    OMG – if you needed a definition of “utter contentment”, you only need to look at Piper’s face. 🙂

  4. Cheryl S. said

    Waaah! I wanna have my belly rubbed by a cute guy whilst sitting in front of a fireplace.

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    Awwwwwwwwwww cats in the snow!

    It’s actually snowing here right now, we’re supposed to get two inches. I’m really glad we went to Zion last weekend. I could have totally worn sandals. Today we’ll be sporting snow boots.

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