A New Hat and an Old One

November 3, 2009

This weekend we headed out to enjoy the nice weather with a stroll through the local coulee.  I took advantage of the nice light to try and get a better photo of the Stubborn Maiden hat:

Stubborn Maiden Hat

If I do intend to give this away as a Christmas gift I had better stop wearing it!  The colours of the Manos are pretty, and it goes down to cover my ears and so far is super warm. 

I also whipped up a Wavy Feathers cap with (almost) the rest of the buffalo/silk blend:

Vine Leaves Toque

Its a pretty pattern, and warm due to the fibre content of the yarn.  My poor little ears are sticking out however, which means this hat only gets a -5 oC rating.  I’m not so sure its going to cut it for the morning walk to the bus stop anymore!  Its getting a bit nippy in the morning before the sun comes up.  The texture shows up well in the yarn, and there is a bit of a fuzzy halo which I like. 

However, last weekend I did not knit any hats!  I know, how strange was that!  I’m diligently working on my ruinous blues projects, and have added a few new things like a charity project, and a new sweater to knit in November.  More on that later!


One Response to “A New Hat and an Old One”

  1. Julie said

    Love the hats! I you sure you want to give it away?

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