The Stash

November 9, 2009

I have been having a blast lately organizing my stash.  There is a lot of nice stuff in there!  I’ve located the “new” yarn, or that which is not leftover of other projects, and it is all not in my Ikea bins where it is nice and accessible for patting, staring at etc. 

Knitting Room stash

That is indeed the view from the couch, where I can comfortably sit for quite awhile and listen to podcasts, happily knitting away.  I have two bins for tools, one bin of (a big one!) of sock yarn, one of lace, one of sweater, one of “next on the list” one of chunky, and one of “stuff”.  The bins are stuffed to the brim at the moment, but the goal is to only have what can fit in the bins, and gradually bring them down a bit.  The wicker basket is full of the “leftover” yarn from other projects that I can dive into to make one skein projects.  All my knitting books and magazines now fit onto one set of shelves, for easy accessibility as well. 

Over the last week I entered (most) of my stash onto Ravelvry for one reason: in order to export it to the Excel spreadsheet.  Once I did that I could add up how many yards of yarn I have, and now I can also create quarterly reports and see how things are doing.  Can you see the possibilities?  Charting out how much yarn is used each month, how much goes in, how much goes out.  Pie charts, bar graphs, its going to be so much fun.  The next step is to calculate how much yarn I knit up this year, how much I still have, and then calculate the life of my stash.  As in: if this is my retirement stash, how long is this going to last?  ‘Cause I intend to retire early, and live a long time! 

I have so many nice things in my stash, so many projects I can’t wait to get to.  Other than buying some things I need to make some specific Christmas gifts next month, I really don’t need to buy any more yarn.  Plus with going to Stitches, I think I’ll avoid the Boxing Day sales this year, and wait until then to buy a few things.  Then I hope to have a bit of room in the bins for some lovely new stash!


7 Responses to “The Stash”

  1. margene said

    You are such a nerd (I say with a kind voice). It’s nice to have a stash well organized and accessible!

  2. Anne said

    Yah – those Excel type lists are really helpful for those of us with geek tendencies. 🙂

  3. melanie said

    You really are ridiculously cute Anne. I wish my kitchen was as organized as your yarn stash.

  4. Heather Joins The Round said

    Clever Anne!

    What is that huge crocheted ball thing? I think Granny Martin made me a crocheted doily with a similar pattern.

  5. Julie said

    It all looks so nice and clean!

  6. Teri said

    You are being highly responsible!!

  7. Susanne said

    pfffffffffffft , you engineers!!!!

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