NaKniSweMo* Prog.

November 12, 2009

*National Knit a Sweater Month.  (I had to look that up, and write it down in my notebook to remember it)

Progress Report!  This week’s progress report is brought to you by the couple of sick days I’ve taken, and the fact that we had yesterday off work for Remembrance Day:

GYC starting waist decreases

Vroom!  I’m down to the waist decreases already.  The sweater really starts to zoom off once you separate out the sleeves.  I tried it on last evening, and I was so pleased that it fit perfectly.  The garter stitch on the shoulders stretches out nicely I think to accomodate slightly wider than average shoulder build.  I really like the green stripes, it worked out better than I had hoped. 

I feel like I’m doing so well on this, plus my other sweater is in the final “knit the zipper bands, two rows each side of the front” and almost there as well.  It is making me want to start a whole bunch of new projects, none of which I have the yarn for right now.  Its going to be challenging to work through my planned projects, and not run out to buy something new to make.  As a result I’m staying far, far, away from yarn stores until I’m ready to buy what I need to make planned presents at the end of the month.  Its only two weeks away, I’m sure I can make it until then!


One Response to “NaKniSweMo* Prog.”

  1. Heather Joins The Round said

    Wow, Anne, it looks awesome.

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