Even if its Friday the 13th, at least its Friday…

November 13, 2009

And as always chez Knittingwater I decorate with a black cat:

Jack chasing snowflakes

Here is the scary black cat monster Jack chasing snowflakes through the glass window.  I tell ya, anything that moves get chased in my house.  Each morning one of them goes after the water drops flowing down the shower door and is surprised once again they don’t catch anything.  As a side note, I was surprised to read somewhere that black cats do not get adopted as often as other cats.  I think I’m surprised as my family has had a long line of really excellent black cats from Brandy, Bourbon, Bart (guess which cat the kids named!!) and now little Jackie.  (Black Jack Shelac is his formal name).  All of these cats have been wonderful pets, even though I don’t remember Brandy very much. 

Today has been a day of planning and implementation for me, and I’m feeling rather accomplished.  I’ve got my Christmas knitting list made, and patterns together for most people.  I’m organized for when I need to buy the materials for some of the presents, I have a Plan with a capital P.  (Mr. J has taken to calling me PLAnne which seems rather appropriate as I love planning things).  I was sitting on the fence about a few things like having a Christmas party (what if no one comes!!) and whether or not I should get a table at my neighbourhood craft sale (what if no one buys anything).  But after giving myself a good talking to that involves wisdom such as “you won’t know unless you try” , “if no one comes you can drink a cocktail and have a cookie by yourself and that will be fun”, and “you at least can sit at the sale and knit and meet your neighbours”, I’ve gone ahead with both plans.  I think this also means I’m feeling much better and am over my cold/flu and ready to take on the world again (rawr). 

I hope you have a good weekend, and be careful not to get any bad luck today!  I recommend cuddling a black kitty (and a tabby one if you have that as well) to compensate.


5 Responses to “Even if its Friday the 13th, at least its Friday…”

  1. Monica said

    Black cats are the best. I had a sleek, glossy model named Who. He always sat in the window above my bathtub when I was in the bath, and gave me a fright when he’d jump over me to get up there. My parents have a black cat named, er, Blacky. We’re doing our part. 😉

  2. Rycrafty said

    Yay craft fair! I wish I had time to do one… It is the Art Market craft sale at the Telus Convention Centre next weekend, I’m hoping to get to browse over there for a bit between shows.

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    Also black dogs. Animal racism? I find it really weird. 2/3 of our pets are black.

    Scruffy’s favorite thing to chase is a sunbeam reflected off the iPhone screen. We all think this is hilarious and do it several times a day.

    PlAnne! Love it!

  4. Jen said

    I’m coming to your Christmas party! If worse comes to worse, we can sip cocktails alone- however Mr. J would have to drive my ass home. 😉

    Looking forward to meeting your kitties and doing some Christmas knitting.

  5. Diane said

    A Salt Lake City lurker speaks: Having done a few tables at craft sales myself, I’d like to point out a positive that happens even if nothing sells–trades with other vendors! Many a sales-free show has been turned right around by a marvelous artist trade.

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