Death of Beauty

November 17, 2009

At little while ago my Dad finished a painting he titled “Death of Beauty”.  He and Mum made a video about it and posted it on You Tube. 

Please enjoy, and feel free to share any comments for Martin (aka Daddio).  Is anyone else getting scared when their parents post videos to You Tube?


7 Responses to “Death of Beauty”

  1. Julie said

    Your Dad is one talented guy!

  2. Pat said

    I’m sure your very proud of your dad. Great picture.

  3. annie said

    i am so touched right now that i can’t even think of what i want to say… neda’s story just broke my heart; i watched her die on the net, and i felt so horrible for having spied on her most intimate moment. i didn’t realize what i was watching until it was too late… i still keep hearing someone telling her not to be afraid.

    i haven’t been able to stop thinking of her since. now.. you have captured her likeness in an amazing way, but added so much meaning to that painting. it is truly a work of art in every way; layered with love and meaning and sensitivity. if i had a choice of any painting in the world to own, i would choose this one. congratulations martin. in my eyes you are a better human than you are an artist, and that is saying something massive.

  4. Cheryl S. said

    Wow – how moving. And it was great to hear your dad explain about it. I am always impressed with how well he captures emotion with his art.

  5. Lark said

    Hi Anne,
    I know I don’t write often, but I lurk. Loved your dad’s video explanation of his art. Very heartfelt. Do try to keep warm. Wishing you blue skies,


  6. Martin Bridgman said

    Violence against women.Beauty.Feelings. Ideas.They are all there in the paintings.Think, feel,their heartfelt expression and let your mind embrace them. Thank you once again for your kind words. Martin

  7. Martin Bridgman said

    P.S. My lovely daughter is again doing a calander for 2010 featuring some of the paintings ( including Neda). I am not in it for the money . The cost covers the printing. Enjoy . martin

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