A Weekend for Finishing Up

November 27, 2009

As the end of November is upon us, I need to finish up.  My garter stitch yoke cardigan is almost there, first sleeve is at the cuff now, next sleeve should be in process tomorrow.  Easy peasy I think, especially since all I need to do after that is sew in ends, block and find some green buttons.  I think the button finding in the button-free land of Calgary will be the hardest part!

Of the other three items on my needles, I think two more may be finished this weekend.  I also plan to sew in the zipper on the snowflake cardigan.  Who knows, next week may be a parade of FO’s!  I’m getting everything wrapped up because December will be all about Christmas presents.  I’ve got nine projects of various sizes slated to get done, and I’m heading out on Saturday to find some materials for my masterpieces!  The hard part will be not buying yarn for projects for myself, I have some projects that I’m dying to buy yarn for!  Must resist!  Or resist, and let one project through as a reward for when I’m done all the Christmas presents!!

This weekend is a big one here in Calgary, and not only because it started to snow at noon and currently the world is blanketed in white outside.  The  Grey Cup weekend is upon is, and the party is in full swing outside.  For those of you who don’t know (that would be non-Canadians, because pretty much no one outside of Canada knows about the Canadian Football league, except for those savvy enough to know that The Rock (wrestler) used to play football up here) the Grey Cup is THE BIG GAME.  Its the equivalent to whatever ends the NFL season, the Superbowl I guess.  This year Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing the Montreal Allouettes.  The Calgary Stampeders got beat last weekend by the aforementioned Roughriders.  I’ve always liked the name “Roughriders” as it sounds a bit dirty to me, almost like what you would call a roomful of ladies of the night.  It makes me giggle.  Now their colour is a nice bright green, which makes you think of what?  Watermelons you say?  Well, as a matter of fact a diehard Roughrider fan does in fact hollow out a watermelon, and wear it on their heads.  You can find a tutorial about how to do this here!   (Just so you know I’m not making this up, and I thought wearing cheese on your head was strange).  Add that to another news story today about a critical shortage of watermelons in Calgary, and the fact that grocery stores are rushing over 3000 watermelons into the city this weekend. 

At lunch today I ventured out to party central, 8th avenue and Olympic Plaza, just go get a photo of someone wearing a watermelon on their head for my dear viewers.  Also so that they would believe me.  But alas, I could not find one.  Instead I took a photograph of two dudes wearing full length buffalo coats in the snow(they looked very warm)

And this photo of a peaceful protest against violence :

I saw numerous knitted objects, funky toques, tams, Mary Maxim sweaters, Cowichan sweaters, because once the temperature drops, and the snow falls, the wool comes out of the closet for Canadians.  I just need to get my nerve up to ask more people if I can take photos of them!

I hope you have a lovely weekend everyone, and please if you are going to put a watermelon on your head,  please use all the watermelon, don’t waste!


3 Responses to “A Weekend for Finishing Up”

  1. Monica said

    We know about the CFL. Dave’s cousin plays for the Roughriders. #65, baby! Joel Bell. And what a hunka-hunka man he is! Go Roughriders!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Watermelon margaritas are pretty darn good.

    I love how the sweater is coming along!

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    I hope you are still looking for a picture of a watermelon on someone’s head.

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