Another Snowy Night, Now with Wind!

November 30, 2009

Last Friday was a “bit of an adventure” for those of us in Calgary trying to get home, and tonight looks like a repeat.  We had beautiful snow on Friday, which fell on the roads.  The cars driving over it melted the snow, which then refroze due to the cold temperature and formed slick sheets of ice.  Roads became skating rinks, uphills impassible.  Even slight inclines the buses couldn’t get up, but slid backwards, off roads, and across all lanes.  The LRT train got us to our regular stop, but the buses weren’t to be found.  Well, we found them later, at the bottom of a hill, unable to get out of our neighbourhood.  Cars were driving around them, up the grass to get up the hill.  Scratch that, only trucks with 4×4 could get up the grass area.  We ended up walking the hour home, and enjoyed the walk (which was better than continuing to stand around at the bustop).  Tonight may be more of the same as we look out the window at driving snow, with winds that are picking up and ripping the tarps off the construction site next to us.  We’re hoping the workers go home before they are blown off!  Unfortunately a family was killed recently in Calgary due to debris blown off of construction sites, and I’m crossing my fingers nothing bad happens tonight.  We’re more prepared today with good winter boots for walking, warm coats, hats, mitts, and scarves.  The temperature looks set to drop tomorrow, it may be time to get out the BIG purple parka again. 

This weekend was productive.  I finished up my charity hat and mittens project:

I couldn’t resist putting a little flower and pom-pom for interest.  I hope a little girl gets them and rubs the pom-poms on her cheeks.  That is what I would do all the time! 

My garter stitch yoke sweater is done and blocking at home.  The neckline is a bit loose, when it dries I’ll run a crochet line around it to hold it in.  I’ve started to look for buttons, but bright green ones aren’t to be had as of yet.  Only drab olive!  I’ll keep looking around I guess.  I tried to sew the zipper in my snowflake sweater, but got it off center, and have to rip it out and try again!  Oh well, c’est la vie!  I also bought all the yarn for Xmas projects, more on that later!


6 Responses to “Another Snowy Night, Now with Wind!”

  1. Rycrafty said

    Tell me about it! The show started 17 minutes late on Friday, because both audience and actors couldn’t get in to town! Accidents on the CTrain line screwed up getting in to downtown, buses couldn’t go, and the Grey cup street festival was in full swing, which just added to the madness.

    Then, after a few post-show drinks, there were no taxis to be had! If you found one, they were charging a flat fee of $75+, for anywhere in the city. Normally a cab from downtown to my house is $6!

    Luckily, I got a ride home with a friend, but at work the next day people had stories of long, icy walks home, or staying at the bar, hoping the cabbies would be more reasonable the later it got.

  2. Monica said

    What a pretty mittens/hat set! I love the flower and pompoms. Stay safe & warm!

  3. sayingthings said

    You are being very productive! I swear, it’s only been a little cold here and all I feel like doing is holing up! Well, and reading blogs while I should be working, of course. But that’s a constant.

  4. Heather Joins The Round said

    Wow, what an adventure. You’re lucky you have someone to share it with!

    I like the pompom flowies.

  5. Julie said

    We just aren’t getting any snow and its so cold! The hat and mittens are so cute. I just love the winter blue!

  6. Cheryl S. said

    Whew! I’ll take our weather, thank you very much.

    Darling mittens and hat! I’m sure some little girl will just adore them.

    A zipper! I haven’t been brave enough for that yet.

    Buttons…. Hmmmm… I keep meaning to check some of the antiques stores around here for some vintage buttons. Do you have any around there you could try? Might find something really interesting. Or, scrounge through the sweaters and blazers at a thrift store. I’ve gotten some decent buttons that way.

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