WIP: Xmas Knitting so far

December 9, 2009

With the abrupt stop to my thrummed mitten production due to critical supply failure (I used all my roving up, had to get more, didn’t drive anywhere on Sunday due to bad road conditions) I started one of the other Christmas presents.  (I did get some more roving last night, along with two skeins of Madelaine Tosh worsted in Spicy Ginger that are beeaootiful)  My usual approach to a task list is to start to work on the largest item, or the one thing I really don’t want to do.  Get it over with, and move onto the fun items is my normal operating procedure!!  With the Christmas presents I started work on what should be the largest item, a poncho for my oldest niece.  I was also itching to start this one, and so far I’m having a blast making it.  The pattern is from Vogue Knitting on the Go, Ponchos.  I love a nice poncho, I have one at home I wear a lot, and would like to make more.  This pattern is straightforward, but with stripes and garter stitch to break up the monotony.  I also really like the colours I picked out:

It will eventually have a turtle neck at the top for a nice warm item for her to wear around their house in the winter, spring and fall as this is Calgary after all!  I got over the pain of casting on 2x 188 stitches, and now I reduce every second row, which means this will go faster and faster!  The pattern was written as two flat pieces that would be later seamed up, but we all know that is silly, so I’m knitting it in the round. 

I’m feeling pretty low stress about making gifts this year, I realize I won’t get them all done, but I hope to get done the critical ones, and the others that need to be mailed will just be sent out “later”.  In the meantime, I’m having a grand old time working on all this stuff, and I plan on knitting them one after another unless there is some other reason to work on multiple projects at once!  I still am finding the odd moment to work on Ene’s scarf (so close there) and my Bettie stockings (like plane rides and weather delays at certain airports).  Still no green buttons.


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