Toasty Fingers

December 14, 2009

I finished up the thrummed mittens on Sunday, and took them for a test drive up to the grocery store in -25 oC weather.  Yup, all day it was that cold, and today as well for our 25 minute wait at the bus stop.  However, my hands were pretty toasty warm, which makes me very happy.

Mittens that are this big and bulky have one purpose, which I fully understand.  They are to keep my hands warm when I’m waiting at the bus stop, walking to the grocery store, and are best used under -15 oC.  They aren’t meant for driving, or anything requiring fine motor control.  Its more like wearing boxing gloves!  So the test drive yesterday.  For some reason Igot restless, and wanted to go for a walk, even though it was a really, really cold day.  As it also meant changing out of my pink reindeer pajamas, this is another reason why I could be called crazy, but maybe cabin fever is to blame.  But sometimes my die hard Canadian side rears its head, and I want fresh air, I want to go for a walk!  With my parka on, long johns, toque, scarf and winter boots I tend to stay pretty toasty.  There wasn’t much of a breeze which would have been a real test, but the mittens did well.  There is a portion of one mitten where I was worried I would run out of roving, but before I decided to just go and buy some more that the thrumming got a bit thin, and cold air leaked in here.  I think I may need to line this section with more roving.  I also ran out of yarn at the end of the last thumb, and used some black yarn!  It’s obvious, but not enough to be annoying, plus the thumbs could have been smaller, which would have eliminated this problem.  I had to stick my hands in my pockets after a little while, but overall these mittens were extremely, extremely good.  I believe they will get better over time as the roving mats up!  This is the Fleece Artist Thrummed Mitten Kit.  I’m working on another pair for my skating coach now.

A chinook is predicted for Wednesday, with temperatures over freezing!  I’m crossing my fingers that this happens, but you can’t see it because they are hidden in warm mittens!


7 Responses to “Toasty Fingers”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Brrr! I’m hoping for warmer weather for both of us!

  2. Jocelyn said

    Thrummed mittens are great for driving so you don’t have to touch the cold, cold steering wheel. Just be careful when you turn the wheel that you don’t accidently signal.

  3. margene said

    If anyone needs thrummed mittens it someone living in your climate! Good knitting!

  4. Julie said

    Oh they looks so warm! Finally we are getting warmer weather in the 40’s.

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    Zowie, that is COLD!

    They turned out great, Anne. Do you wear fingerless gloves or something under for when you have to open the door or whatever?

  6. Monica said

    What lovely mittens. Do you think one could hold a dog leash or two while wearing them? I’ve wanted to make thrummed mittens since the moment I discovered them, but if I couldn’t safely hold the leashes there would be no point in them for me. I would only want them for my daily dog walks.

  7. annie said

    jocelyn, you just made me snort.

    lovely mittens anne!

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