FO: Bella Mittens

December 22, 2009

This weekend I finished up some Bella mittens for my SIL, from whom I borrowed the Twilight books to read. 

You will have to forgive me, but I don’t have the yarn band here to remember what yarn I used!  Originally I bought some grey, but then remembered my brother had said her coat was chocolate brown, so I went back and got this rather lovely blue.  The yarn is made in Germany, and is called Schlopinzeewool, or something similar.  It is very nice, and I’m loving how single ply yarns feel in mittens and hats recently, very elastic.  This yarn is a tad thin for this particular pattern, it may have been better if I held it doubled.  The mittens fit snugly, and well, but there are a lot of gaps for cold air to get in.  I would only rate this at a -10 oC, rather than what we all need which is -20 oC.  I may try and find some thin store bought mittens to go under these for her.  There is literally only enough room for an extremely thin mitten. 

For the past three years I’ve been making calendars of my Dad’s paintings to give to the family.  This year Dad picked out the paintings he wanted in the calendar, if you are interested you can look at it here: calendar.  If you would like to buy one, we will use the bit of money to buy Dad more paints.  Dad does not sell his paintings, only gives some away.


5 Responses to “FO: Bella Mittens”

  1. Heather Joins The Round said

    I think they are wonderful as is! A really great gift!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Nice color! When I read “Schlopinzeewool”, it made me think of “Young Frankenstein”. Instead of “Roll, roll, roll in ze hay”, I was thinking “Schlop, Schlop, Schlop in ze wool”…


    A calendar by your dad? Awesome! Would love to help keep him stocked up with paint.

  3. Julie said

    The mittens looks warm from here! Your dad’s are work is just lovely, he is so talented!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. michaelsomers said


    I just bought one of your father’s calendars! I’ve enjoyed the snippets of his work you’ve shared in your blog, and there was one piece this past year that really moved me. I am so pleased to know I will be seeing his art on my wall each day this year. Thank you for allowing us to share in his talents.


    • knittingunderwater said

      Wow, Thanks Mike! I hope you enjoy the calendar, our family has been enjoying them each year, especially those not around the internet who don’t get to see anything that he’s been doing.

      Happy Holidays!


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