Flying Camels and Axle Loops

December 23, 2009

This morning Mr. J was kind enough to tag along to the rink to take some figure skating videos.  Not only are these videos good for my Mum who gets to see some of the progress I’ve been making, but they are useful for me to see what I look like.  What I think I look like is very different from what I actually look like!  It’s so useful to be able to see myself from a distance, and make improvements based on that. 

Here I am doing an axle-loop combination.  The axle looks like it is almost clean, but I take off into the loop so quick its hard to tell (but that’s how it should be).  My hands are in tight close to my chest, but my elbows are way out; and the tighter everything is in to the body the faster you spin.  My legs are a mess, but it’s getting better.  To me I look hunched over, but that is better for the jump then arching my back and not rotating on my center of gravity.  I’m also not going “up” as high as I thought, so I need to concentrate on using my left leg to spring more, and my right leg to aim higher, and jump higher.  But all in all, good progress over last year!

We also did some videos of me performing a flying camel, which I’m learning how to do better/properly this year.  I’m still very hesitate on the “take-off” part of the spin, as I’m trying to correct bad old habits.  I’m not really doing much more than stepping over onto my right leg.  I’m trying to keep my body square to the ice, instead of going sideways, right shoulder to the ice, left shoulder up like I used to do it as a kid.  I am spinning much faster now on the right leg, which is excellent, and I did the proper 3-4 rotations, which is also good.  You can see my leg rocking up and down however, which means I’m off-balance.  Still many things to work on!

I’ve found out that there are 7 people in my category in the competition.  I was really hoping for only 3 so that we would all get medals!  I’m getting nervous…


4 Responses to “Flying Camels and Axle Loops”

  1. Mom said

    Thanks Anne, It’s almost as good as being there & a lot warmer.

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    You ROCK!!!

  3. Julie said

    Wow! Thanks for sharing you are wonderful!

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