New Years Traditions

January 2, 2010

The New Years Traditions are kept more faithfully than any Christmas traditions, other than loving my special christmas decorations.  My parents enjoyed their New Years “polar bear” swim this year, bravely plunging into the pool on their tropical island, even though the temperature barely broke 81 oF before indulging in a banana daiquiri using fresh bananas from their tree in the backyard.  Their kids, remarking that it was reaching a balmy -10 oC in comparison did not feel any sympathy for their protestations of being “slightly chilly”.  Mr. J. and I enjoyed our mimosas while tucking into a generous plate of black eyed peas in Hoppin John, candied sweet potatoes, and corn pudding for a southern feast.  We cosied up in front of the fireplace, and thought ourselves brave to venture outside for a brisk walk to help with digestion. 

I updated my stash online, and exported the data out to an Excel file so that I have a “beginning” baseline for the year.  (for full disclosure, its close to 40,000 yards, all of it wonderful) I don’t have any grand plans of stash busting this year, rather I feel more like being footloose and fancy free, and we’ll see where the year takes me.  Once I receive my new day planner, which although I searched high and wide I could not find in town and finally ordered, I’ll get all my yarn written down in there as well in preparation for the satisfying red line when something is used up.  I swatched for my new sweater on January 1:

Originally I had plans of a percentage type cardigan knit in the round, with a generous shape for comfort.  Now that I’ve knit a swatch the plan has changed in my head to a sweater knit in pieces.  The hem will have small cables instead of ribbing, and I’m figuring out a nice pattern to go across the front and back.  I have some pink for accent, which will do nicely for a simple pattern.  My next step, now that I’ve chosen needle sizes and have my gauge swatch, is to make some sketches and then make a hat to try out some patterns.  This is the yarn purchased at the Olds Fibre fair this summer from Wild Geese, and is spun at the Prairie Fibre Mill in Saskatchewan.  I’m going for more of a weekend sweater, and hoping for warmth.  The grey yarn is flecked with blue and pink, and is a blend of merino, alpaca and silk.

In keeping with my footloose and fancy free feeling for the new year, I don’t have any specific resolutions.  I have some hopes and dreams, but sometimes you need to keep those close to your chest if you want them to come true!  Last year my resolution was to use a reuseable cup at least 50% of the time when visiting coffee shops, which both Mr. J and I were very good at doing.  We also saved thirty cents each time, so we made a rule that we could only get “fancy” coffee on the way to work if we had brought our mugs.  We will keep that up.  And in other exciting news, Mr. J got me a lattee holder for my cruiser bike, with a reuseable mug, I really can’t wait until the 10 feet of snow melt in our road so that I can cruise on up and get myself a fancy lattee, then cruise on home.  That is going to be good!!!


2 Responses to “New Years Traditions”

  1. Monica said

    Lucky duck! I’ve been eying one of those latte holders for my cruiser bike. I’m thinking of making blatant “hints” for Mother’s day. Happy New Year!

  2. Julie said

    Sounds like your parents had a good time! I’ve been using so much of my stash its getting low. I guess I should start building it back up.

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