Christmas Prezzies almost, almost done!

January 8, 2010

I have one last hat that I’m working on, but enjoying immensely.  This will most likely have its usual effect, that if I do indeed put it in the box and send it to Ontario, I’ll have to make one for myself as well.  And while the end is 8 inches of ribbing plus an eyelet section away, a new list is already forming.  Mr. J’s Mum wants some more slippers (her birthday was this last Wednesday, oops), my skating coach’s baby is due at the end of February, a co-worker’s baby is due in March.  So slippers, baby bonnets, and baby socks are definitely in my knitting future.  As is take-out Chinese food!  Mr. J and I were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, but as usual we decided that was too much of a hassle, instead we’ll bring food home to enjoy after our bike rides.  We will eat in front of the tv, since our bikes are taking up the dining area! 

The last two presents finished up (plus a larger shrug for my younger niece which fits her admirably well now) were a turn a square hat for my brother:

Using leftovers of my pom-pom sweater Ultra Alpaca.  I used this as it is very soft, and a non-scratchy item was requested.  The toque fits, my brother has a big head!  I made it a bit longer than the pattern called for so that he can pull it down over his ears, and they won’t freeze and fall off.  What a thoughtful sister I am!

Also using leftover yarn I made the beret from the cover of the Fall Vogue Knitting.  My tally is now 4 of those hat patterns down, another one (or two) planned (but not the fish):

The Cascade indulgence contains angora, and makes for a soft and luxurious hat.  My gauge was larger than the pattern, but if you remove two of the pattern repeats you will be good and the top decreases work out perfectly.  I almost knit this twice, the first time without removing the pattern repeats to discover not only was the hat too large, but I was about to run out of yarn.  I ripped it out and started over, and had a little bit left over.  Whew.  This lace pattern is one of those that I found very soothing, no stitches difficult to manipulate, and easy to remember and keep track of.  The lace is easy, but the final effect fancy looking.  I quite enjoyed making this hat (twice!).


One Response to “Christmas Prezzies almost, almost done!”

  1. Heather Joins The Round said

    That red hat is fantastic!

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