My Skating Dress

January 12, 2010

I finished this little number up last night, and it is ready to go.  I’m already obsessing about parts of it falling off, and keep reminding myself to pack a needle and thread just in case!  My Mum made the basic black dress, and I found some sparkly material at Fabricland in their Hallowe’en sale bin.  I was hoping for floating sleeves, and it worked well for that.  I cut a bit circle, cut it into two semi-circles, then gathered up the straight edge for a ruffled look.  This is the end that I “tacked” onto the dress.  I didn’t want it to be sewn down too tightly, as the dress itself stretches when I put it on, and that could break the thread.  I don’t know how to fix the end of the sleeves properly, as the material is delicate, and could unravel, but sewing a seam could be seen.  I got some clear sparkly nail polish and used that on the edge of the cloth to anchor everything in.  I made a flower which has sequins in the middle and sewed it on the hip, and made a flower to put around my pony tail.  I think the dress could handle some more sequins around the bottom of the skirt, or something else on the bodice.  I couldn’t think of a really good plan, so I decided this was good for now.  Next year I could add some more “zing”.  I think I’m more worried about my sewing falling apart mid-routine than falling on spins or jumps now.  Is that good?


5 Responses to “My Skating Dress”

  1. Billy said

    Yay for skating dresses and yes, that´s great news that your main concern is the sewing; your sakting will go beautifully!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Now you need to have Mr. J take a photo of you in it!

  3. Julie said

    You are going to look so cute and yes we need to see a picture of you in it skating away!

  4. Teri said

    You are a multi-talented girl!!

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    Very clever use of sparkly nail polish!

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