Last Present – Done!

January 14, 2010

And only 12 days after the holidays, not tooo bad.  Now I just need to get the package out the door.  I made an eyelet hat from Fall 2009 Vogue Knitting using the natural brown alpaca purchased last year from Herbert Saskatchewan.  You can’t miss it off of the Transcanada, a big sign that says “Alpaca, Motel”.  She sells her alpaca finished items, yarn and roving from the reception area.  I have enough leftover for another hat! 

Modeled by a lovely co-worker!  The natural brown is such a rich colour.  This hat design extremely practical for the Canadian winter with its four inch double brim.  My co-worker has a petite head which makes this hat seem huge, but its also WARM.  On a cold day, pull it way down over your ears and forehead. 

Now that I’m done knitting for others, its back  my stuff!  I’m finishing up two projects, and started a Scroll Lace Scarf for fun. 

Skating competition is tomorrow!  Its going to be a tiring day as we start practice at 8 am, and the competition starts at noon after the women’s Olympic hockey team practices.  We then go until 10:30 pm, at which point I’m sure I’ll be tired zombie.  A sparkly tired zombie.


5 Responses to “Last Present – Done!”

  1. Heather Joins The Round said

    I can’t wait to read about your competition!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Hope the competition went well.

    But isn’t it time to start on the presents for next Christmas? Then there won’t be any last-minute scramble.

  3. Jen said

    Hey Anne! I’ll be thinking about you today… hope the skating goes well!

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    Skate well tomorrow, but most importantly have fun!!!

  5. Julie said

    Your OK I still have two gifts sitting here of my desk. The hat looks hat!

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