Da Basement Reno

January 25, 2010

Unfortunately the basement has yet to reach the “wow, that looks great stage” but it has passed the first major payment stage.  Great.  The walls are framed up, the electrical done, and the bathtub in!  Hey, a bathtub is exciting!

There is a little handle to help those more unsteady folks, and its nice and deep unlike the guest bathtub upstairs.  I’m all over the easy to clean surround tub, without tiles to leak.  We have no idea how they got it down there.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to help.  Here are some more views:

The first photo on the left is the entrance way as you come down the stairs and around.  Picture a closet, and the entrance to the bathroom on the left, furnace room to right, entrance to living room straight ahead.  The middle photo is the bedroom, with its huge new window that lets in a surprising amount of light.  Its a decent size bedroom, with a closet.  I had hoped the entrance to the bathroom would be through the bedroom, but it didn’t work out so guests will have to walk around through the living room and into the entry way.  Paying extra for the new window, and the sub-floor seem to be good calls so far, its light and warm down there already.  The right photo is into the living room.  All the lights are pot-lights in the ceiling, we will just use lamps for close lighting later.  The ceiling height is okay, but not when you are Mr. J whose head almost hits down here. 

For Mum and Dad, this should look much nicer by the time you get here, but isn’t that a nice tub?


3 Responses to “Da Basement Reno”

  1. Mom said

    The tub and window are “beeyootiful”. Can’t wait to have my first soak.

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    A big window really makes a huge difference, doesn’t it?

    Lookin’ good. What’s next?

  3. melanie said

    After living in this apartment with the nasty bathroom for the last 8 years I’m all about the easy-clean tub too.

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