Preparing for the Olympics

January 26, 2010

I truly love the Olympics, I always have and I always will.  I enjoy the winter Olympics more than the summer, simply because here in Canada we participate, and are medal contenders in more of the winter Olympic sports it seems.  Of course my favorite is figure skating, followed by hockey, cross-country skiing, aerial trick skiing, all the cool new snowboarding events, etc. etc. etc.  The one event I don’t really get into is curling, which may shock some fellow Canadians who love the sport.  What could be greater than a sport that always involves a trip to the bar (usually in the curling rink) and what could be more Canadian?  However I don’t understand the sport and have never played it most likely as I was busy skating instead.  I’m going to be cheering for every single Canadian, even if they don’t get a medal.  I love, love seeing athletes doing their best, and enjoying themselves, finishing with big smiles.  My heart will break with them if they don’t do their best.  I hate the photographs that are sure to come in the papers of athletes falling, and getting hurt.  Why can’t they show the extremely difficult element they completed perfectly just before, why concentrate on the negative?  And as a Canadian, we will cheer for all the other athletes from the visiting countries who compete, especially when they exhibit superior sportpersonship.  I hope to have a few Olympic get-togethers to watch special events, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be home alone one day, yelling at the tv like always.  I’m just so, so, so, incredibly happy that I get to watch this Olympics on Canadian tv, with Canadian commentators.  I may be yelling, but at least I’m not throwing things like I used to at the US Figure skating commentators. 

I’m also getting ready to go with my Olympics knitting project!  After much back and forth I’ve decided to knit a red sweater (yarn in my stash for a year now waiting to be knitted up) and it turns out the pattern I wanted to make was designed by a Canadian knitter.  In the next two weeks I’ll make a swatch, and be ready to go during the Opening Ceremonies.

Wow, that at is a lovely red colour if I do say so myself.  A bit of explanation for those knitters not online yet (Hi Mum!).  There is an event about to take place called the Ravelympics over at wherein you state the project you mean to complete (for me a v-neck cardigan) the event you are entering (Sweaterboard), and what team you are on (TeamCanada).  You then compete for prizes, at least Team Canada has prizes!  Yeah Team Canada.  If you complete your project, you get entered to win a prize.  This means I will be furiously knitting on this sweater exclusive of any other project!  All those knitters, excitedly casting on during the opening ceremonies, its sure to be a lot of fun.


2 Responses to “Preparing for the Olympics”

  1. Jen said

    We DEFINATELY have to have an “Olympic” night. I’ll be furiously knitting socks. 🙂

  2. Jen said

    I have no idea why I put Olympics in brackets. I apologize. 🙂

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