Wednesday WIP: Now in other colours than blue!

January 27, 2010

I’m almost done my blue projects, and so far haven’t cast on any new ones.  My next sock planned is a turquoise mix, so that may not count!  For my trip to Saskatchewan last week I needed a project that was ready to go right away, without any design work or swatching left to do, therefore I cast on for the Debbie Bliss Chunky Donegal Tweed jacket.  This is from the first issue of the DB magazine, and is titled “Drop Collar Cardigan”.  I had gotten this yarn at a Boxing Day sale this year.  Once again proving why 6.5 mm needles are good, I finished the back of the sweater last week, and am roaring up the first front:

The green is a bit faded in this photo, it is richer and deeper in real life.  This is however an excellent photo for the dark that is 7 am.  We were excited to note that we could see sunlight in the sky BEFORE we got into the office this morning, and it was still light on the train ride home last night, therefore things are definitely looking up.  The 6 inches of the front have been mostly completed in the 15 minutes I knit in the morning while I watch the news and wait until the last minute before getting ready for work.  Or I could just fess up and admit that I’m giving the cat an extra 15 minutes of lap time, as she is usually curled up fast asleep within 5 seconds of me sitting down.  I have a feeling I will finish the first front, and be onto the second one by next week. 

I’m also working on some Norwegian baby caps, but no good photos of those yet.  Hopefully by next week they will be paired with some baby booties. 

In other news, does anyone have any good advice for getting bread to rise in breadmakers in dry cold climates?  We tried putting in hot water, but it wasn’t much better.  I have brand new bread machine yeast.  Any suggestions welcome!  Thanks.  Me.


3 Responses to “Wednesday WIP: Now in other colours than blue!”

  1. Jocelyn said

    Add an extra tablespoon of water, check your breadmaker settings for an extra rise setting and knit an extra 5 minutes your sweater each morning

  2. Anne said

    Your sweater is looking fantastic! All those little minutes add up.

    Did you warm the metal container that the bread mixture mixes/rises in with hot water before you put the ingredients in? Sometimes that helps.

  3. Cheryl S. said

    I guess you can’t exactly set the bread machine in the oven with the light on, can you? Heh.

    If it has a separate setting for whole wheat bread, the rise time might be a little longer for that.

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