Bow River in Winter

January 29, 2010

The Bow River, which passes by downtown Calgary, freezes over solid in the winter at times, and has a channel of open running water at others.  We pass over the river twice a day during the week, to work and home again over the bridge pictured.  On Tuesdays I like to walk over from downtown to Kensington for our Knit Night at the Gratitude Cafe, on the pedestrian walk-way under the bridge.  On much colder weeks the river is a mass of ice, some smooth with snow, some slabs piled up on top of the other.  On warmer weeks small rivers within the river open up in the ice, and running water can be seen moving swiftly by a deep grey blue colour.  As always I take a moment on the bridge to lean over, listen, and watch.  It may be a folk tale about bad spirits not being able to cross a moving stream, but I always feel better after crossing the river.

At times the water cannot find an open channel through the ice, but instead pushes up through a hole, and runs across the top of the ice, making patterns as it goes.  This also makes me wish my little point and shoot took better photos in low light!  Mr. J and I have been excitedly looking at the sunrise on the train in the morning.  This is exciting as until this week we watched the sunrise from the office.  We also went home in daylight , which is a lovely change.  The long days are coming back quickly, soon we will have light until blissful 11 pm once again.  In the meantime I am still enjoying our frozen landscape, but this always wears off in February, for me the most dreary month of the year.  March is full of lovely plans, trips, birthdays, and visits.  Once February is over, made speedier I’m sure by the Olympics, March will be here and spring not too far behind.  Okay, it may be two more months away after that, but for myself it feels like we’re home-free.  I can just smell that first sweet warm breeze now.


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