FO: Ene’s Shawl Plus a bonus

February 1, 2010

Ene’s shawl is a wonderful design by Nancy Bush published in Scarf Style which I made in Drops Alpaca, using just over 3 balls of yarn.  At the beginning of December I had this shawl almost complete, but put it down for Xmas knitting, and finally sewed in all the ends yesterday after blocking it a week or so ago.  My photo does not do it justice, as it was snowing out and I quickly took a photo and went inside again, but the pattern is lovely.  As it warms up I’m planning on wearing it with my more business coat, definitely not with the parka.  Today I just wore it around my shoulders to ward off the morning chill.  It’s nice and soft, and very warm. 

I recently made another hat from Vogue Knitting Fall 2009 to replace one I gave away for Christmas.  I really enjoy the stretchiness of the Manos del Uruguay single ply yarn.  I’ve been wearing the cables and bobbles at the side of my head, (which is not how it is pictured here) which I think gives the hat more of a “cloche” feel.  It matches the purple parka, and keeps my ears nice and warm.  I think the design is a bit strange, and definitely not normal, and I notice people looking at it on the train until I catch them and they look away.  Somehow this hat touches something in me that makes me love it beyond rational thought, perhaps its the bobbles.  It may be moving me one step closer to crazy lady, but its a step I can’t help loving as I take it.


6 Responses to “FO: Ene’s Shawl Plus a bonus”

  1. Anne said

    Wow! TWO great projects? Fantastic.

    Ene’s Scarf is on my to-do list. I love yours. 🙂

  2. Julie said

    What a pretty scarf and love the hat!

  3. margene said

    Ene’s shawl is one of my favorites. Love the color you used, too!!

  4. Cheryl S. said

    Crazy bobble-headed lady, eh? Well, there are plenty of worse things you could be.

    Love Ene – was just looking at that pattern the other day and wondering if I had some appropriate yarn in my stash.

  5. Heather Joins The Round said

    They are all just jealous of your bobbles!

  6. Jocelyn said

    Hey!? You finished it!! Awesome!

    I recognize that manos colourway ANYWHERE. It was my first not-Michaels yarn 🙂

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