Family Friday Colour

February 12, 2010

Here in Canada its a long weekend, we have Monday off for Family Day.  I intend to celebrate family day by watching the Olympics all day and knitting a sweater! 

This week the roving reporters Mum and Dad found some lovely flowers growing around the lower balcony:

Bouganvilla and hibiscus flowers in the wild.  Years ago in Singapore we liked to go to a Drag Show, simply because it was hilarious.  Side hurting, head thrown back, so much fun laughing.  The host of the evening, whose nationality  we could never guess, made fun of the Caucasian, Chinese, Indian, Malay and Singaporean equally, all in their own language.  A drag show in 4-5 languages, which somehow we all understood.  One evening they had a mock beauty pageant, and the host asked the lovely contestant to name “her” favorite flower.  Bouganvilla she replied.  The next question was “Please spell bouganvilla”.  She thought with a look of panic, and then said “Rose, r-o-s-e- rose”.  To this day I hear her Malay accented voice saying that whenever I see a bouganvilla flower. 

This yacht pulled up to take a look in the harbour:

For those of you wealthy folks who can charter a yacht this one the Noble House variety.

Just another day on the island!

Tonight I’m watching the opening ceremonies, and singing “Oh Canada”.   


One Response to “Family Friday Colour”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Love the Bouganvilla story!

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