Friday Tropical Edition

February 19, 2010

What is not to love about tropical cocktails, especially those served in coconuts.  The exotic container, the intoxicating rum, the sweetness of fresh juice flavours combined into one experience.  The sillier the drink, the pinker, the more entertaining the name, bring it all on.  I sure do miss feeling the hot tropical breeze on my face, watching the sun going down, nothing to do but figure out where to go for dinner after happy hour.  Le sigh.

However back in the real world, this Olympic knitter is planning a long weekend of red sweater knitting.  I’m at the point in the project (almost done first front now) where its getting hard to stay monogamous.  Sure its soft, its nice and red, its pretty, but its so the same.  I’m jonesing for a hat, craving some mittens, and am starting to think I really, really need a circular scarf sewn together at the ends that you can wind once around your neck for a loose fit, or twice on cold days for a tight fit.  I think I really, really need one RIGHT NOW!  But if I give into temptation, I won’t finish the sweater now will I?  No says mature, rational Anne.  I need a green circular scarf says irrational Anne.  NOW!  I think I’ll go home, put on the Olympics, pour a poor substitute for a tropical cocktail, and see which side wins. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


2 Responses to “Friday Tropical Edition”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Maybe you need some pom-poms.
    Or a Pina Colada (hmmmm… I think I have a Bacardi Pina Colada mixer hiding in the freezer…)

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    Maybe get some yarn for the scarf as a reward for the completed sweater?

    But who am I to talk. Almost no knitting around here for a week.

    Clearly you’re not the only one who needs a new project! Or maybe what I need is some Anne-style perseverance.

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