Retail Therapy and Baby Booties

February 26, 2010

This is the end of a long week, one that I’m glad to see the end of.  Work is that level of challenging wherein you find yourself almost out the door, running away as far as you can.  Only such words as “mortgage”, and “spending money” keeping you there.  I did manage to visit my naturopath again, and get some digestive aids to try.  Have I ever mentioned how happy I am to be back in Canada, and have a job where almost all the expenses of going to a naturopath are paid for?  I’ve found where my regular doctor is mystified by my digestive problems, the naturopath always has something interesting to try, which works as well. 

One of the least favorite parts of moving back to Canada is constantly having to ask if they mean US gallons, or Imperial gallons.  A small point that is a 20% difference in flowrate.

This weekend I’m off to Stitches West, and also running away from work stress.  There is something about sitting on an airplane 30 000 feet in the air that can make all your problems disappear.  You are a different person, whose only concern is getting to the yarn conference, and managing to get all that yarn back home again.  I’m enjoying explaining “yarn conference” to my co-workers.  “Oh”, they say, and then drift off.  However when I informed my other co-worker that I can reproduce almost exactly any of the hats he saw at the Olympics, he seemed impressed. 

There are only 2 days and 1 evening left to finish my sweater.  I am 2 inches away from decreasing for the cap sleeves.  I’m planning on taking the fronts on the plane tomorrow in order to knit the button bands.  From the luxurious comfort of my hotel Saturday night, surrounded by the remains of my glorious room service feast, watching the figure skating gala, I hope to be sewing it up, and putting the buttons on.  Crochet edging optional. 

Jon Montgomery is making Manitoba seem hawt.  Something about those red haired men.  We still don’t want to move there.

And baby booties:

Did I mention my skating coach had a baby boy the day of the mens short program?  In 16 years, he will be there competing!

Have a good weekend everyone!


6 Responses to “Retail Therapy and Baby Booties”

  1. jesshagman said

    I like the brown for the booties. Baby stuff tends to have some pretty specific colors – the stuff I’ve knit included.

  2. Julie said

    I have that bootie pattern I should make some they are really cute!

  3. Sandi(Evilknittingtwin) said

    You should be asking how many litre’s……..:)

    • knittingunderwater said

      Oh we get that too! Alberta is m3/hr, Saskatchewan is L/s or IGal/min, and BC is all over the map. And since most of our suppliers only work in gpm, I get to sit in the middle and convert it all! The big problem is that people here that work in imperial gallons don’t write Igal, they just write gal, so if you don’t ask you don’t know! Ack!

      Take care,


  4. Sunnyknitter said

    Psst! Happy birthday! Hope you get to do something enjoyable and that the year ahead brings only the best surprises.

  5. susan said

    Are you having a good birthday???

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