Moab Knitting

March 25, 2010

Over the course of the vacation, and especially during the long drive in the car it seemed like I got a lot of knitting done.  Then I gave away two of the knits during the course of our travels, and I’m left with feeling that I didn’t really get that much done!  I had made my father a Jacques Cartier toque for his birthday in a nice brick red colour, and then decided to make a green one for an old co-worker that had been asking for a hat for around 3+ years.  Soon after I was outed as a knitter at work.

(If he ever finds out I put it on, and took a photo of myself drinking a beer, he is sure to throw it out).  So it turns out that being a knitter in Utah isn’t that bad, as busy hands are much admired there.  It was funny when people started realizing I had made all the knitted items I was wearing. 

I made my friend Gigi a red and  black scarf, striped in 1×1 rib a la Noro scarf.  We have a photo of it, but it’s currently on Mr. J’s camera at home.  I made nice long tassels at either end to finish it off, and used Berroco Pervuia wool, which is soft.  She had been asking for around 3 years for a scarf (do you see  trend here?  I may not make something right away, but sooner or later you will get your knitted item).  As Gigi is very clever she admired my scarf and mittens as well, and wins the worlds best person to knit for award  Again.  I hope the scarf keeps her warm, this spring and next winter.


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