Long Weekends

April 4, 2010

Around here it doesn’t seem like spring is moving very fast, but there are signs.  There is less ice in the river:

And there are rumours of crocus sightings, but I haven’t seen any.  I’m keeping a sharp eye out for robins, as are the cats.  We have had three sunny blustery days, which have meant good road bike riding conditions, as long as you are prepared for the sideways gusts, and the pain of riding right into the wind.  This generally happens on your way home, no matter which direction you are riding. 

I feel like I’m “getting stuff done” beginning with the latest WCOBB blanket, Yummy Cupcake:

I wanted something simple for the my section, and when I found a stitch pattern called “Sugarcube’ that fit the bill as it was nothing more than purled squares.  This blanket is so peaceful and soothing so far, I hope the next knitters keep it up!

After vowing not to start any sweaters until the end of April, I immediately started a new sweater.

Green sock yarn from Sleeping Dragon, and plain old grey Kroy sock yarn bought on sale.  Tempest is a nice easy pattern with waist shaping, thick and thin stripes, and is thin enough to be pretty useful around Calgary all spring, summer and fall long.  The back is already done! 

Now I’m getting prepared to start my taxes, which if I can get those done, the weekend will be a complete success!


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